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Relevance honoured amongst SEO Elite

Relevance Web Marketing this week has been given top SEO awards by SEO ranking authority TOPSEOs. Late Thursday night Jeev Trika, president for the SEO Ombudsman in Indianopolis, USA contacted the Relevance SEO team and gave awards for 2nd Best SEO company in France, Top 30 SEO Agency in UK and Numero Uno multilingual SEO team in Europe, 2nd worldwide.

Relevance received awards for Best SEO in France, UK and Multilingual SEO

Relevance Web Marketing team were honoured as their 97% May ranking score rose to 100% in June 2012 and lifted Relevance to 2nd Best SEO in France, Top 30 SEOs in the UK, and 2nd Best Multilingual  SEO Worldwide (Best Multilingual SEO in Europe.)

TOPSEOs are the « independent authority on search vendors, evaluating and ranking the best in the internet marketing industry. »

Tina DeHaan spoke yesterday about the 5 criteria to succeed being: 

« Analysis of a client’s requirements, keyword research, on-page SEO, off-page SEO and link-building, and account management. »

Relevance received top marks for almost all of these criteria receiving an overall score of 100%.

Rumble Romagnoli, MD at Relevance, beemed today « If we stick to our strategy of razor sharp keyword analysis, creative and interesting content as well as quality linking through well-worked parnerships and content curation – we cannot fail to please Google, and our client’s prospects. » He continued: « a happy team is an effective one. »

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