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April Blog Roundup – Google Webmaster

google webmaster logoPlenty of food for thought in this month’s blog roundup courtesy of Google Webmaster via this SEO marketing company France. The fall out from last month’s Panda implementation has subsided and everyone is now busy either picking up the pieces or trying to maintain their new found visibility. Google claim the response has been predominantly positive as you’ll read in their report. As well as all that they have somehow managed to find the time to improve security measures on site verification, fix issues with Google video and make Google Webmaster available in 10 more languages!


Our SEO Site – Now Available in Ten more Languages

Google Webmaster has made itself available in ten more languages: Spanish, French, German, Russian, Turkish, Finnish, Swedish, Hungarian, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

High-Quality Sites Algorithm goes Global, Incorporates user Feedback

Google say last month’s change in algorithm (Panda) has prompted a lot of positive responses with users finding better quality results quicker.

Sharing Advice from our London Site Clinic

2nd site clinic discussing a variety of topics at Google’s TechHub London.

Your Fast Pass through Security

Google have implemented some major changes to their site verification protocol to try and make security measures a little less painful and quicker


An Update on Google Video

Google try and clear up the Google Video migration to YouTube.

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