Moz Top 10 – February

Relevance Web Marketing rounds up all the best articles in this last month’s SEOmoz blog and presents them for you to read at your convenience. There are some great posts in this latest edition, ranging from a study on meaningful SEO metrics, to a guide on social media curation. There is also a fantastic video presentation on ‘How to Find a Good SEO’, we hope it leads you to consider Relevance as your SEO team if you aren’t a part of the family already.

Beyond Link Building – Using Links and Content to Hit Business Goals

Thoughts on how we can transition link building from a numbers game into genuine online marketing that adds value to a business, beyond increasing their link count.

The Evolution of the Use of the Internet: the Italian Case

A presentation of Google’s market share in Europe between January 2012 to January 2013.

10 Tools for Creating Infographics and Visualisations

A list of tools you can use to create visualisations, or simply use to communicate visually with your teammates.

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How to Get Your Boss to Care About Content Marketing

This article consists of part selling content marketing, and part how to actually create a content campaign.

Going Beyond Moz Metrics to Answer: “Why is this Site Outranking Me?”

This post is aimed at business owners and new Moz users studying search engine optimisation, not full-time, experienced SEOs.

When Responsive Design is Not an Option: a Checklist for Optimising Your Mobile Site

Stop Clicking Here! 7 Superior SEO Alternatives to Generic Links

Over the past year, we’ve seen a strange trend develop in the world of SEO: the rise of the “generic link.” Google’s official SEO Starter Guide actually discourages webmasters from using generic links. Google published this guide in 2010. Is it still relevant today?

Google Advice

Social Authority: Our Measure of Twitter Influence

SEOmoz launches ‘Social Authority’ their metric of Twitter users’ influence.

Secrets of the 7-Result SERP

This is the story of the 7-result SERP as we understand it today.

How Do I Find a Good SEO?

Whether you’re looking for a consultant or an agency, you don’t need to feel alone in your search! In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand walks you through his tips for finding an SEO company/consultant that suits you.

Meaningful SEO Metrics

A post of two halves. The first half runs through thoughts on what makes for good metrics, whilst the second half focuses on a specific process for building appropriate reporting metrics for your individual situation.

How to Identify an Online Community for Your Business

Mobilize Your SEO: Making the Most Out of the Mobile Search Opportunity

What is involved in the mobile SEO process, from the initial research, analysis, and decision making, to the development, optimisation, and measurement.


How Low Can #1 Go? (A Ranking Study)

We’ve seen a lot of anecdotes over the past year or two, but where, on average, does a #1 Google ranking appear on the page?

The Place of Review Filters in Local Search

A look at the ethics behind search engines’ filtering of customer reviews.

Social Media Curation Guide

An expansion on last year’s blog ‘The Content Curation Guide for SEO’ that, as well as updating some of the previous topics shared, also digs deeper into the maintenance and curation of your social media forums.

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