Facebook Down: Panic in Social Media World

facebook-down-21-october.jpg Yesterday afternoon many users around the world faced some problems with Facebook. They couldn’t post anything on walls, add photos or leave comments and likes. At the same time there were some problems with payments on the website. Some agencies even reported that Facebook was unavailable for some time.

Yesterday at around 1pm GMT the first messages about Facebook being down appeared. Four hours later the bugs were fixed and analysts started to count the damage caused by problems with world’s biggest social media provider.

Thanks to Twitter plenty of reports, jokes and complaints from users appeared immediately. Using hashtag #facebookdown people shared their news about the social network.


Media portals were fast enough to inform people about the problem, Business Insider were kind to state, “It’s not just you – Facebook won’t let anyone post status updates”.

While some were still trying to understand what was going on with Facebook, others, like Red Bull, used the opportunity to promote their products by posting funny pictures on Twitter.


Some time later Facebook reported that all problems caused by ‘network maintenance’, were fixed and the website works normally.

While users continued joking on social media, the analysts started to count the businesses losses all around the world. According to some data, more than 3,000 other websites using Facebook plugins couldn’t work normally during the day. But we can imagine that the impact was even more significant. The similar problems for Google in August caused a 40% world internet traffic loss. Amazon lost $5 million because of website problems. Financial analysts are concerned that yesterday’s Facebook problems may provoke a stock price decrease.

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