Extended Monaco for Businesses: Your Complete Guide

The Monaco government recently launched an exciting new programme called Extended Monaco for Businesses, with the aim of stimulating the digital economy in Monaco and encouraging the digital transformation of companies in the Principality. 

Funding support, called the ‘Blue Fund’, has been created to co-finance between 30% to 70% of any Monaco digital marketing project that is submitted to the programme and accepted. This commitment to promoting digital couldn’t have come at a better time, with the COVID-19 crisis having raised our dependence on the online world. 

It will also mean that Monaco companies are better placed to face international competition, providing more business opportunities than ever for those working in the Principality as companies are encouraged to choose one of Monaco’s digital agencies to help them with their digital transformation. 

Relevance partners with Extended Monaco for Businesses to kickstart your digital transformation

Relevance, as a leading digital marketing agency based in Monaco, has been specially selected to be a partner of this programme. You can view our profile and the services we can provide on the dedicated platform here

As mentioned above, there is no time like the present for companies to increase their digital power. As businesses were forced to move almost entirely online at the start of the pandemic, many brands realised that their digital strategies were lacking. The Extended Monaco for Businesses programme is a great opportunity for companies to review their online presence and either start their digital transformation or reinforce their online presence.

For example, as a key decision-maker within your company you may have known that you needed to elevate your digital presence for a while now, but couldn’t because of restricted budgets. Now is your opportunity for an upgrade at a heavily reduced cost. By having a significant portion of the expense co-financed by the government, it is now possible to create the fully comprehensive digital marketing strategy that your company deserves – one that will serve your business best in the long-term. The Extended Monaco for Businesses programme has stated that “a company with a successful digital transition, has the potential to increase its operating profit by 40%”.

Even if your company has a well-rounded digital marketing plan, why not consider services that may work to boost your existing efforts? The Extended Monaco for Businesses programme also offers the opportunity to explore innovative possibilities that you may not have been able to justify before – for example, having your website translated into multiple languages to better connect with HNWIs from around the world, or getting your brand name out to a highly relevant audience with well-placed digital ads.

Considering taking part in the programme? Relevance will help you every step of the way. Our goal is to ensure you have a wholly positive experience, enabling you to remain focused on your everyday business as we work on your digital transformation.

To boost your digital strategy, our team of specialists can help you with the following:

  • Defining your brand identity online
  • Improving your SEO ranking on the search engines
  • Adding new digital services to your current strategy: PPC, social media, Digital PR, influencer marketing
  • Creating and building a new optimised website
  • Revamping your current website or translating it in different languages
  • Producing exciting digital content
  • Setting up a CRM system (our agency is a Hubspot partner)

To benefit from this assistance, you will need to start the process on the government’s website, by first completing a digital self-diagnostic questionnaire and then clicking on the “Finance Your Project” tab. 

We are always available to discuss how your company can benefit from this opportunity, how the application process works and the right direction to take with your digital transformation. Get in touch with our digital marketing team in Monaco today.

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