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Luxury travel marketing services

Relevance is a leading luxury travel marketing agency with in-depth knowledge of developing marketing campaigns that reach and resonate with the world’s richest audiences. As a leading full-service marketing agency, we work with some of the world’s most prestigious brands, including high-end luxury travel companies, delivering exceptional results and measurable returns on investments.  

Our marketing experts have developed strategic campaigns for leading luxury travel brands, including CLC World Resorts & Hotels, TJB Private Travel, Ariodante, and St Tropez House. Relevance’s 360-degree services offer a turnkey solution that spans creative, digital, and traditional marketing services. We can work as an integrated solution with your existing marketing team or act as a stand-alone department. 

From one-off marketing campaigns to complete marketing solutions, discover how we help the world’s leading private travel brands reach new audiences.

Luxury travel branding solutions

Relevance’s team of branding experts have helped define some of the world’s leading luxury travel brands, sparking positive dialogue with compelling visuals and storytelling. Led by our highly experienced creative director, our branding services include naming, logo creation, graphic design, videography, photography, promotional materials for advertising campaigns, tone of voice, and website design and development. 

Luxury travel digital marketing services

Our digital marketing team offers a holistic approach that fuses data with creative thinking to help boost luxury travel brands’ online presence and reach the world’s most affluent travellers. Relevance’s luxury travel digital marketing services include SEO, paid and social advertising, media buying, social media and influencer marketing, CRM, and content marketing. As a Google-certified partner, our digital marketing specialists are best-in-field. We also follow the necessary guidelines from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and other search engines, as well as all social media best practices.

As a highly specialised marketing agency, our experts truly understand the luxury travel market and how to craft compelling digital marketing campaigns that resonate with wealthy travellers.

Traditional luxury travel marketing services

While most searches now typically start online, we understand there is still a place for traditional marketing services, especially within the luxury travel sector. Our traditional marketing services include written copy for glossy promotional printed brochures, editorial articles in up-market publications, media outreach, whitepapers, and press release distribution. In addition, our team of PR specialists possesses deep industry knowledge and impressive connections with leading private travel publications, including Conde Nast Traveller, Luxury Daily, Luxurious Magazine, Time & Leisure, and Robb Report.

Our PR team also excel at arranging press trips that capture the attention of the world’s leading media houses.

Luxury travel marketing experts

If you want to power up your marketing efforts, trust the luxury travel marketing experts at Relevance. Our team of travel marketing professionals have been handpicked for their in-depth luxury travel industry knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. We are one of a handful of global agencies that specialise in targeting the world’s wealthiest audiences enabling us to truly understand the lifestyles and consumer habits of this exclusive audience and tailor marketing campaigns accordingly. Discover why the world’s leading luxury travel brands trust the marketing experts at Relevance.


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