Don’t be Socially Shy

It is no secret that the growing influence of social media is drastically changing the face of the online world as we know it, whether that be receiving up to the minute information on your favourite sporting side or reaching mass audiences in relation to your products or services.  Either way, if you are not looking at how the social media craze can help you in business, you may be missing out on a valuable mode of communication with your target market.

Don’t be afraid of going social, instead build social media into your marketing and advertising strategy, spending time and resources on the most effective methods of getting the message out there can enhance your overall marketing effectiveness. In a nut shell It’s about understanding your audience and selecting the most appropriate channels in social media to reach these individuals.


Below are some guidelines about how we, as an SEO company in France, can help build social media into your marketing strategy. Hopefully it will help clarify what going social entails in a way that will help you understand the benefit from doing so:

  • Set your goals: It is vital to understand at the outset, what it is you are trying to achieve by using social media. Whether it be looking for more leads, more direct sales, greater brand awareness, conversions or brand engagement, record these goals as a first step.


  • Who do you want to reach?: As alluded to above, your audience or target market will affect the channel of social media you employ.  Do you want to reach the younger generation through Facebook or a certain profession through blogging on an appropriate site?   

  • Understand the types of social media: Whether you need to use social networking sites, blogs, real-time updates (e.g., Twitter), social news sites, media-sharing sites, review/directory sites, virtual worlds, or display ads on social media sites, educating you in the forms of social media is something we can assist you with.

  • Maintain your social media presence: Participating in social media takes a lot of time.  There must be a person or team that is responsible for maintaining in a fresh and interesting way, the face of the company or individual regularly.  This task is something this SEO company based in France‘s social media branch, Resonance Media, are happy to assist with.  Experts on keeping the social media face of our clients up to date and interesting for the target audience.


  • Measure your success and continue incorporating social media in future: Measuring the success of incorporating social media into your strategy is vital in understanding the benefits it can provide.  The forms of measurement need to be incorporated from the outset of social media adoption and is presented in end of month reviews.

For further information on how social media can be integrated into your business’s marketing strategy affectively visit Resonance Media, our social media management branch of Relevance Web Marketing.

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