Discover Relevance's digital marketing toolkit for Feb

Relevance’s Digital Marketing Toolkit – Our Favourite Tools Of February 2019

February seems to have flown by, but we’ve managed to find our fair share of new online marketing tools along the way. This month, get ready to work faster and better in everything from social media scheduling to font identification. Discover what’s currently in Relevance’s digital marketing toolkit below.

What was in our February digital marketing toolkit?


Determined to find out what it is that makes your competitors’ paid social media so successful? PowerAdSpy lets you spy on your rivals’ Facebook ads, uncovering their best strategies and using them for your own business. This canny company has the fastest growing ads database in the world, with millions of ads from over 15 countries and thousands of fresh ones added to their database everyday.

Unlike other software, PowerAdSpy allows also you to search for ads that are relevant to your business, filtering by  age, gender, relationship, keyword, or what’s happening on the landing page itself. What’s more, you can keep keep up with everything from a single dashboard, hosting all the campaigns, creatives, angles and landing pages you are following in one place, making it ultra-easy to track. Definitely one to add to the digital marketing toolkit if you haven’t already.

2. MeetEdgar

A cut above the usual social media scheduling tools, MeetEdgar cuts out all the time-intensive parts of running a social media account by automating them for you. Working across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, all you have to do is upload posts divided into categories. MeetEdgar will then sort through and automatically start posting these out from each category, recycling older updates once it runs out of fresh content. It can also automatically generate posts for you based on articles, picking out quote-worthy text – all you have to do is click share. Let Edgar handle the boring parts of social media management, so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Social media tools mean you can easily schedule from your phone

3. Wirify

This free tool is here to make every web designer’s life easier, turning any website into a wireframe at the click of a button. This means that the design features of any website instantly become available to you, allowing you to model your own site in a similar way. It is also a great teaching tool – a way of easily demonstrating the relationships between the building blocks of a page. Whether you’re developing a site or teaching/learning web design, Wirify will be immensely useful.

4. Neil Patel

This digital marketing entrepreneur’s all-in-one SEO website offers a range of cool tools. We love free app Ubersuggest for finding more valuable keywords. Plus, catch up with insights on everything from the secret to ranking no 1 on Google to how to rank one page for thousands of keywords. Be prepared to spend a lot of time on this site!

5. Kraken

A firm favourite in our digital marketing toolkit, Kraken compresses and optimises your images like no other app on the market. Working fast to condense images down without reducing picture quality, this tool will improve your site’s load time while maintaining its beauty. Handy for designers, developers and WordPress/Magento users, running images through Kraken is something to add to your website build process.

Image optimisation tools keep images looking beautiful without slowing load speed

6. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb has all the insights you need to beat your competition. Offering global multi-device market intelligence, you can use this all-powerful tool to understand, track and grow your share of the digital market in comparison to your rivals. For marketers, this means finding opportunities for growth across marketing channels. For researchers, it provides a way to identify key competitors and find trends. Sales teams can use its insights to grow their pipeline and retain more customers, while investors can use them to make more informed investment decisions. Everyone wins!

7. Adobe Photoshop Express

Image editing on mobile devices just got a whole lot easier. Just upload files from your device, Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, Facebook, or Google Photos and away you go, with a plethora of cool features to make your pictures pop. Add text in a variety of styles to create memes and add captions, apply quick backgrounds, create collages, and share on Instagram in one tap. Or, use Photoshop Express to quickly create better-looking iPhone pictures, using slide bar adjustments or automatic one-touch fixes. One for the on-the-go digital marketing toolkit.

8. Link Klipper

Extract all the links (including image links) from a certain page and export them to a CSV file using this highly-powerful chrome extension. Link Klipper removes the need to manually extract each link, saving you valuable time. You can also select a custom area of the webpage for this tool to extract from, should you not need the entire page. This is handy for SEOs as well as researchers, who can us it to gather useful resources and store them for later. Seemingly simple, but very effective.

9. Fontface Ninja

Seen a font you like online and want to find it? Fontface Ninja is your new best friend, allowing you to quickly identify all the fonts on a page it shows the font name, size, line spacing, letter spacing and even colour. Once you know the font, you then have the option to try it out (without even leaving the page!), bookmark it, and either buy it or download it for free depending on availability.  Fontface Ninja will even find you a link to either purchase and download, making your life as a designer a whole lot easier.

One of our Relevance's favourite tools is FontFace Ninja

10. Monday’s new recurring tasks tool

Monday has been part of our digital marketing toolkit for a while now, allowing us to plan, organise and track projects in an easy-to-use collaborative space. However, in February we tried out the site’s new ‘recurring tasks’ feature. We all have regularly occurring jobs in our workflow, whether its Google Ads optimisation or checking SERPs. Making a task recurrent produces automatic duplicates for certain dates/times, meaning you don’t have to concern yourself with recreating the same task over and over again. Thanks for the automation, Monday!

That’s it for our February digital marketing toolkit roundup – let us know if there are any other cool apps you have discovered!

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