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December Blog Roundup – Google Webmaster

google webmaster logoPlenty of holiday cheer featuring in the Webmaster blog for the month of December with a sprinkling of useful notification mixed in to keep your SEO company based in France happy. A few updates on Google Webmaster tool features to check out as well as all your questions answered on sending video sitemaps.


Webmaster Tools’ Holiday Update

Google Webmaster tool team have updated both the ‘search queries’ and ‘link to your site’ features.

New hacked site notifications in search results

Google Webmaster tools have added a new notification system that notifies people if a site has been hacked. This has been done in the past to a certain level (separate warning page), but has now expanded to allow browsers to see if a site they are interested in search results may have been tampered with by a third party.

Video Sitemaps & mRSS vs. Facebook Share & RDFa

A look at the benefits of submitting feeds, for example site maps vs the benefits of Facebook sharing? Is one way superior over the other?

Sending Video Sitemaps Q&A

Summary of previous month’s video sitemap seminar in Q&A format.


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