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Click-to-call campaigns generating excellent returns for businesses

Click to Call imageDevelopment in mobile technology is making it easier than ever for people to research products and connect with businesses whilst on the move.

A recent survey showed that 52% of smartphone users will call a company having researched a product on their device, so a click-to-call strategy can be an excellent way to harness this demand.

By placing a click-to-call in the front and centre ofan advertising campaign is proven to lead to impressive returns.


Consumers researching and purchasing products via their mobile is on the rise

Over 20 million calls are made through google click-to call every month so it’s a clearly working and adding call extensions to digital advertising has increased click-through rates by 6-8% for businesses.
Google also offers a detailed work report on calls generated from a click-to-call ad campaign, containing invaluable information such call start and end times, duration and area codes..

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More recent developments also include a click-to-call button where people simply tap-to-call a business, expanding availability of Google call forwarding numbers to more advertisers so businesses can better measure the effectiveness of a campaign, and call extension for in-app ads so advertisers can drive calls from over 300,000 mobile apps.

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