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Cheoy Lee Riviera Website Goes Live


Cheoy Lee Riviera yachting website goes live today created by the Relevance Web Marketing website development team in the South of France headed by Chief Website Developer Robert Went. The Relevance Web Marketing team have created, designed, optimised and developed the yachting website within 3 weeks for Athos Cleanthous CEO of Cheouy Lee Riviera and A Yachting. Athos Cleanthous invited the team to lunch in Antibes and thanked the team for being so “responsive” and “efficient”. Cheoy Lee Riviera specialise in selling Cheoy Lee Yachts from Chinese shipyard based in Pearl River in Doumen, China. Relevance Web Marketing now will be marketing and promoting Cheoy Lee Riviera on the web using PPC, SEO, SEM, and SMO tools. The website is fully optimised by the SEO team at Relevance Web Marketing and  features a Joomla 1.5 CMS, skype calling, site search, company blog, translations in English, French, Italian, and Russian,  wind forecasts, weather, marinia modules, owner log ins, synchronised newsletter, yacht directory, and a whole lot of other cutting-edge  social media systems for social media management services.

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