Celebrating The Luxury Lifestyle Influencers Of Monaco

Back in December, we compiled a list of the top luxury influencers to follow. This time we have narrowed it down to luxury lifestyle influencers from Monaco, the location of Relevance HQ, all of whom we have had the chance to collaborate with. These influencers have managed to expand their reach to the rest of the world through glamorous, enviable feeds that pull people in time and time again.

Our influencers represent the world of Monaco; the land of luxury, where the lavish lifestyle is celebrated and admired. These business-savvy influencers have created successful careers for themselves by crafting more personalised relationships with their audiences. They understand the world of digital marketing and know-how to create stories around their persona that appeal to their target audience. 

As mentioned in our previous article, influencer marketing is a strong digital strategy to adopt if you are looking to gain credibility for your brand. Did you know that 70% of millennials are influenced by the recommendation of their favourite blogger? Considering this significant figure, influencers play an important role in everything from community building to digital advertising to build a stronger digital presence for your brand.

So entrepreneurs, fashionistas and luxury enthusiasts are you ready to join us in the celebration of our influencers?

Discover the top luxury lifestyle influencers of Monaco

@louisducruet – 13.3K – Luxury Lifestyle 

Louis Ducruet is the son of Princess Stéphanie of Monaco and Daniel Ducruet.  He opens up about his passions and opulent lifestyle with his followers on Instagram, sharing his daily life and insights on his career. 

@olga_lavric– 104K – Fashion and entrepreneur 

Olga Lavric is a fashion influencer who started her entrepreneurial career with the creation of her blog, Colourful Buttons, back in 2015. She shares her daily outfits and her favourite spots in the Principality. She has also recently been nominated for the Worlds’ blogger award, an event in Cannes that celebrates pioneering influencers.

@tocestyle – 132K –  Fashion and entrepreneur 

Antoniya is a fashion influencer, entrepreneur and founder of swimsuit brand Freeze the Breeze. She is also a fashion consultant. She shares daily insights about her luxurious Monaco lifestyle as well as her entrepreneurship journey.

@cvetkova_official – 235K –  Fashion and entrepreneur

Yulia is all about the mix between luxury and sustainability. She founded the movement Beauty against Plastic Pollution, the Miss Monaco beauty pageant and luxury lifestyle magazine The Glam. She has also recently launched her own fashion house called Maison the Glam.

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Well holidays are officially finished…. All friends left and parties are over! Good kick of 2020 I must admit ☄️💥 Ну что же друзья, все праздники официально завершились и это не может не радовать😁 Настало время для воплощения всех планов в реальность ✨✨✨ ну и занятия программой по спасению своего тела от наеденных боков 😂😂😂😂 Как у вас обстановка? Кстати, я обратила внимание что многие девочки жалуются что набрали по паре килограмм ещё до праздников и никак не могут скинуть даже если много тренируются и ничего не едят 🙄🙄🙄 Может что-то в атмосфере? Или думаете все же эмоциональный зажор, повышенный картизол и тд.? Dress @gabycharbachy Jewelry @montecarlo_buccellati Photo @kat_all #theglam #monaco #montecarlo #hautecouture #fashionista #cvetkovaofficial

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@tomclaeren – 590K followers – Luxury lifestyle and entrepreneur

Tom Claeren is an entrepreneur, actor, high-end content producer and luxury lifestyle influencer from Monaco. He has been specialising in the high-end niche market for the past few years whilst evolving in the world of Monaco and promoting his passion: the elegant way of life.

Relevance helps brands to reach their digital marketing objectives and by connecting them with their target audiences.

Partnering up with influencers in the right way can render fantastic results. Whether you want to expand your brand’s reach, gain more followers, get amazing curated content or even generate sales, the key is to align your overall business objectives to the correct influencer marketing strategies. Relevance can support you through this, offering an incredible network of luxury lifestyle influencers in Monaco and beyond. Get in touch with our dynamic team to find out more.

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