The Brief

Titanium Swiss Group is a Geneva-born holding that joins nine companies from the construction, architecture, and interior design industries. The CEO, Toni Autieri, came to Relevance when he realised that his company had become a very important player in the Swiss construction business; as such, it urgently needed a modern, user-friendly and informative website. 

In addition to the website, the brief was to also rebrand all the companies that are part of the Titanium Swiss Group and the holding itself. 


  • Re-brand all nine Titanium companies

  • Develop one user-friendly and informative website

  • Increase visibility and website visitors


  • Multilingual SEO

  • SEO

  • Content Creation

  • Project Management

  • Website Design

  • Website Development

The Solution

As part of the rebrand of all of Titanium’s companies, our designers created new logos, colour palettes, fonts and business cards. They ensured each company remained unique, but at the same time was part of one group. All these designs look modern, technological and high-end.

Prior to any work on the website itself, we spent a lot of time working on the SEO strategy, as with so many different companies and services we had to carefully structure the site map, as well as think ahead of time about design wireframes and templates. Our SEO team produced an incredible site architecture, linking all the companies, projects, and services together. The website was optimised for around 100 keywords and was launched with hundreds of internal links, which secured good rankings for the client

When we worked on the site design, our priority was the ease of navigation and the use of colours – ensuring the site looked industry-appropriate while also modern and luxurious. Each page was designed using textures and abstract drawings, which helped to achieve the final industrial look and feel.

The website we delivered is user-friendly, mobile-responsive, SEO-optimised and beautifully designed. It showcases all the services, products and projects of all the companies in the holding.

The new website also features a blog, where Titanium Swiss Group posts news from the Swiss construction world with the main focus on Geneva, as well as presenting their recent projects and company updates. This blog is not only informative and regularly updated but also brings organic traffic to the website.