Bottled water marketing case study Svalbarði Digital Campaign

Svalbardi Polar Iceberg Water

The Brief

Svalbarði is one of the most exclusive bottled water companies in the world with pure polar iceberg water sourced on the Norwegian island territory of Svalbard, 1,000 miles away from the North Pole. Svalbarði is an environmentally friendly company with a marked interest in raising awareness for polar and climatic research. This was a wonderful opportunity to promote the product to an appreciative audience.


  • Start-Up Digital Marketing

  • Immediate Entry to Market

  • HNWI Marketing

  • Product Placement

  • Events

  • Sponsorship


  • Advertising

  • PR

The Solution

For its upcoming launch in Harrods, London and in Monaco, Svalbarði chose Relevance for their extensive experience in the digital luxury market, including their strong network of clients and media. “Relevance is growing quickly and we are excited to be able to select only the most unique people and ideas for our collaborations. We look forward to working with Svalbarði’s determined team at the start their product’s success”, said Rumble Romagnoli, CEO at Relevance.

Relevance will be redesigning Svalbarði’s website, as well as performing enhanced SEO work during the build and following its completion. Relevance will also be supporting Svalbarði in their PR work, both online and offline, during their product launches and beyond. Relevance will be responsible for the social media and online advertising of Svalbarði too.

Relevance’s presence in Monaco, London and New York puts them in good stead with their familiar ultra-luxury market, suited to the client base of Svalbarði’s product. Relevance is excited to begin this partnership and for the opportunity to work with such an exciting product. If you interested in Relevance’s digital marketing services in London, Monaco or in New York, please visit our website.

The Implementation

luxury digital marketing product water

What our clients say

20-fold increase in our web traffic, and got our product into three quality targeted events

Relevance ran our e-commerce and Monaco on the ground start campaigns. He produced a 20-fold increase in our web traffic, and got our product into three quality targeted events that greatly increased our visibility. He was a good partner to work with, accepting frank discussions and proposing solutions while providing visibility into what he was doing. Especially on the technical side where he was educating me as he went. You will enjoy working with him and in our experience, he will go more than the extra mile to try and make your project succeed
Jamal Qureshi - CEO, Svalbardi


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