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Supercar Experiences

Supercar Experiences is the UK’s premier supplier of supercar hire vehicles. With an extensive fleet of luxury cars, from the latest exotic models to the most desirable brands, Supercar Experiences has a supercar for every type of journey. The luxury car hire company aims to provide the ultimate driving experience, ensuring their selection of exclusive brands and models are easily accessible to their clients. 

The results

PR Strategy and management, Digital PR strategy & management, Paid Advertising strategy & management, SEO strategy & management

1:70 ROI
On Paid Media
For Over 20 Brand and Model Keywords
Organic Sessions
Top 10
For 35 Keywords


Supercar Experiences is a leading luxury supercar rental company based in London. Supercar Experiences required Relevance’s team of SEO and digital marketing specialists to help increase brand visibility on search engines to rent more cars in their target locations. 


In a highly competitive market, and with a garage full of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, and Bentleys, Supercar Experiences required heightened positions on the SERPs to build brand awareness and improve search rankings to increase lead generation. 


Relevance’s highly skilled developers and UX designers built a newly optimised website with higher-resolution imagery and improved site speed. In addition, our digital PR and SEO team boosted search engine rankings to ensure that Supercar Experiences were ahead of their competitors when their target audience searched for luxury car hire in the UK.

Relevance launched a complete SEO strategy which included optimising all the website content and cleaning the code. Our team also worked on promoting the website and its website pages. Supercar Experiences achieved first place for Ferrari Hire, Lamborghini rental, supercar hire UK and hundreds of other keyword combinations. This led to more targeted visitors, a ROI of 1:53 and supercar hire leads of £53/lead. Advertising could also be reduced owing to all the relevant organic traffic and increased sales.

Finally, Relevance’s dedicated PR team were able to secure a successful partnership with Top Gear and many supercar influencers, including trips to Nürburgring, and underpinned the activity with paid media.

What our clients say

" Amazing return on investment thanks to Relevance. "

" When Relevance started, their team in London quickly turned our digital marketing around. SEO has been epic, and PPC highly competitive: I am now getting rental contacts at about £50 a pop. Overall return on investment has reached 1:52 allowing me to really grow out the business and put money into developing the rental fleet. Relevance has also planned and optimised our new global e-commerce platform to keep the business profitable all year round: well chuffed guys - thanks a lot. "
Nik Hardwick - CEO, Supercar Experiences


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