Electric yacht company case study Sialia Yachts


Sialia Yachts is a leading provider of pioneering electric yachts. Sialia vessels, including cruisers, tenders, and chase vessels, are powered by state-of-the-art §AMPROS technology and offer spectacular performance and comfort. A key feature of Sialia’s fleet of electric vessels is that they offer complete silence at anchor and underway, offering an enhanced yachting experience. Every element of a Sialia yacht has been designed to maximise time spent on the water sustainably. 

The results

PR Strategy and management, Social Media Strategy, Copywriting, Website & Content audit, SEO strategy & management

Incredible international press coverage, including over 35 articles published in luxury publications such as OniriQ, Luxuria Lifestyle Spain, Upscale Living Magazine, Luxury Lifestyle, as well as in renowned yachting magazines like Skipper On Deck, IBI News, Boat News, Asia Pacific Boating, Boote Exclusiv, Nautica Yates, Yacht Essentials… to name a few.
High-end brochures printed for leading yacht shows, including the Palma International Boat Show
Strategies set in place for four different social media networks - Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube


Sialia Yachts required Relevance Yacht’s support to help create brand awareness, including help to launch their new product offering and brand digitally. They required a full audit of their brand assets to identify areas for improvement and a keyword strategy that identified relevant keywords in a highly competitive marketplace. Finally, Sialia required a robust social media strategy that they could own in-house after our initial input.


Our solution for Sialia Yachts was multi-faceted and covered several digital touchpoints. We put together a robust social media and PR strategy to build brand awareness, releasing several press releases to capture the attention of journalists, including securing press visits from multiple industry reporters at leading yacht shows, including the Cannes Yachting Festival and the Monaco Yacht Show. Our PR efforts resulted in over 35 articles published globally in all types of media, including yachting, luxury, and lifestyle publications.

Relevance Yacht’s SEO team conducted an in-depth analysis of the competitive sphere to establish relevant search terms that Sialia Yachts could rank for. Our creative team created elegant marketing assets, including developing Sialia’s logo, brand guidelines, and social media identity, as well as creating a luxury prined brochure.

Finally, we audited the UX, design, and content of Sialia’s existing website to identify areas for improvement.