Full Digital Strategy Cap Villas

Cap Villas

The Brief

Cap Villas is a start-up luxury real estate and rentals agency. Relevance was asked to build their digital business from scratch. Cap Villas needed a custom designed mobile responsive multilingual website, ios and android application, and full marketing services including content, PR, SEO, PPC, social media management and most importantly lead generation.


  • Start-up Digital Marketing

  • Multilingual SEO & PPC

  • Website Creation

  • Consumer & Competitor Research

  • Lead Generation


  • Advertising

  • Website Design

  • Website Development

  • App Development

  • SEO

  • Content Strategy

  • Digital PR

The Solution

Cap Villas has been delivered a fully optimised multilingual and mobile responsive real estate website and an IOS and android real estate application. Relevance is creating content for the blog and working on the digital PR, SEO, social media management and advertising. Relevance has succeeded with google positioning and lead generation and completely runs this start-up digital marketing.

The Implementation


Generate immediate relevant web traffic that we could capitalize on

Our luxury beachwear brand, 209 Mare, hired Relevance Digital Marketing for their superb SEO services in order to establish 209 Mare's online reputation. The services that Rumble and his team provided helped us reach top Google ranking on several keywords as well as generate immediate relevant web traffic that we could capitalize on. The Relevance team also helped to optimize our website's backend in order to optimize it for SEO and to create several relevant landing pages to our site that would help draw further traffic to it. On top of that, Rumble and his team advised us on digital marketing, including running a comprehensive Google AdWords campaign, as well as work hand-in-hand with a reputable PR agency to be able to expand on our marketing activities not just online, but offline as well. On top of all of this Rumble is a fantastic genuine guy with a big heart who it has been a pleasure to work with. He runs a great team at Relevance who go above and beyond on all tasks and provide not only fantastic service and attention to detail, but who also put the client's priorities first. This is a respectable and well-managed team that Rumble can be proud of leading. It has been a pleasure to work with such an impressive digital marketing agency and we look forward to working with Rumble and his team again in the near future!
Gabriel Uribe - Director of Operations, 209 Mare

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