Concierge service marketing case study Ariodante

Relevance Signs The Luxury Lifestyle Group Ariodante Travel

Ariodante is a luxury travel agency and concierge service, creating handcrafted ultra-luxury vacations for the most discerning individuals. Ariodante seeks to understand their clients’ dreams, desires and lifestyle details and use that to create a magical, once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

From life-changing sabbaticals that positively impact the world to experiential yachting and trying the finest gastronomy, Ariodante raises the bar regarding luxury, exclusivity, and creativity. 

The results

Audience profiling, Paid Advertising strategy & management

Web Visitors
Leads Generated
Cost per Lead


Relevance’s expertise was called upon by the luxury travel agent Ariodante to create awareness among HNW audiences and generate quality leads via paid micro-advertising to support current online presence and grow client relationships.


Relevance began by creating a persona to identify HNW audiences, understanding their age, income, expectations, needs and beliefs. Our specialists built an advertising funnel from extensive audience profiling, including awareness, consideration, conversion, re-marketing, and sequencing techniques.
Relevance then designed a high-quality ad creative and performed in-flight campaign optimisation to maximise ad performance and ROI.
The results from Ariodante’s campaign were impressive, with nearly 9,000 website visitors and 55 leads generated, ultimately succeeding in their mission to create awareness among HNW audiences and generating quality leads via paid micro-advertising.