Wealth-tech company marketing case study Altoo


Altoo is a Swiss-based wealth-tech company founded in 2017. The company developed the Altoo Wealth Platform, a sophisticated wealth aggregation software that enables users to save considerable time and effort in understanding and managing the most complex aspects of their global wealth. 

Altoo enables wealthy private individuals and their families to consolidate their worldwide assets and all relevant documents simply and intuitively.

Successful client acquisition has enabled Altoo to expand its team, assisted by international growth, with a client base extending to over 20 countries.

The results

Digital PR strategy & management, Audience profiling, Paid Advertising strategy & management

Profiled Individuals >$100m net worth
UHNW browsable audiences >$100m net worth
Influencers identified
Compelling stories crafted


Altoo wanted to improve its online visibility and target a niche audience of UHNWIs from Europe and the Middle East. Altoo also wanted to craft a compelling story in order to persuade 100 UHNW families to sign up within a year.


Relevance began by curating hand-picked audiences of members with over $100m net assets to gain insight into how they think, feel, and behave.
Using these insights, our wealth-tech marketing specialists built creative, strategic recommendations on presenting the product to the consumer with examples of touchpoints throughout the user journey.
We also implemented ads through Google Search, Display and Twitter to empower the services Altoo offers. Our specialists worked on identifying the best keywords to maximise PPC returns, and also improved the website’s user experience to increase the conversion rate while simultaneously attracting more qualified leads. Finally, we provided press relations and media buying support, allowing Altoo to be featured in luxury, financial and technology publications, including Luxuo, Family Capital and TechBullion.