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Where to Eat and Drink During MIPIM 2019: Local Knowledge From Relevance

Where to eat affordably in MIPIM 2019

5 Affordable Lunch Venues for MIPIM 2019


L’Épicurieux is a café, a restaurant and wine bar. The extensive wine list is accompanied by a simple and delicious menu. It will be busy during MIPIM, which may lead to slower service, but the fantastic pasta dishes are more than worth waiting for – Signature dishes include truffle pasta and the entrecôte.

6 rue des Frères Casanova – 06400 Cannes.

Tel: +33(0)4 93 99 93 94

Mob: +33(0)4 6 64 50 11 82

Open: Mon – Thu: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm | Fri – Sat: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm


Philcat, named after its owners Phil and Catherine, is a little different in that it is a kiosk so perfect for grabbing a quick bite. Regarded as the place in Cannes to pick up pan bagnat (specialty sandwich from the Nice region) – Perfect for an affordable lunch, with spectacular sea views thrown in.

Promenade de la Pantiero, 06400 Cannes

Tel: +33(0)4 93 38 43 42

Open: Mon – Sun: 9:00 am – 7:30 pm


L’Éponyme is friendly, fashionable and family-run. The €30 set menu is excellent and the prices of the wines and side dishes are also very reasonable. Contemporary French cuisine with the occasional Asian twist – an interesting combination that pairs turbot with lemongrass or beef with wok vegetables. This restaurant is more fine dining.

4 Rue de Bône, 06400 Cannes

Tel: +33(0)4 93 99 48 71

Open: Tue – Fri: 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm7:00 pm – 10:00 pm | Sat: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm


Twenty-Nine offers an excellent burger option. If you’re happy to travel a short distance to La Bocca (the area to the west of Cannes’ city centre). It may be fast food, but the burgers are freshly made in house each day. Burgers, fries and a drink come in at just €10 so another cost-effective option for busy days at MIPIM.

25 Avenue Monte-Carlo, 06150 Cannes

Tel: +33(0)4 93 90 98 63

Open: ALL DAY.

Voglia di Pasta

Voglia di Pasta is consistently popular, and reviews liken the restaurant to the best Italian outside of Italy. They have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, and you can expect delights like fresh gnocchi. It’s right in the thick of the action, two steps from the seafront, but the prices aren’t as high as other places nearby.

75 rue Félix Faure, 06400 Cannes

Tel: +33(0)4 93 99 80 59

Open: Mon-Fri 0900 to Midnight.

Bars to enjoy at the end of the day at MIPIM 2019

5 Bar Options for post-work drinks at MIPIM 2019

Le Bar à Vin

Le Bar à Vin will be right up your street if you want cheeses and around 100 wines! There’s plenty of scope to try different combinations with your MIPIM colleagues. The outside seating is cosy, with high stools and some tables made from old barrels. Popular with locals for a good reason, this is an intimate venue you’ll be glad you found.

Where: 10 Rue Marceau, 6400 Cannes

Tel: +33(0)6 23 73 44 43

Open: Daily 5pm to 0200


Chrystie is a raucous, late-night bar for people who look the part and have money to spend. It around ‘after works’, which is what the French call happy hour. It has a cabaret feel and you shouldn’t feel shy about dressing up – this place still has a ladies’ night. People love the cocktails, the minibar snacks and the lively atmosphere. Could be a great option for a MIPIM ‘wind downer’!

Where: 22 Rue Macé, 6400 Cannes

Tel: +33(0)4 93 99 66 91

Open: 10pm to 0500

Zoa Bar

Zoa Bar sits opposite the Palais de Cannes. As a restaurant, it serves sushi as well as local dishes and Asian delights. It’s fun because the music is DJed or live and runs until 2.30am, so it’s a very cool way to eat your dinner. It does get busy, so it’s better to book. People like the attentive service, the drinks menu and the cosy atmosphere.

Where: 2 Place du Général de Gaulle, 6400 Cannes

Tel: +33(0)4 93 30 00 30

Open: 6.15p, to 0230

The Carlton Hotel

The Carlton Hotel is where the stars converge during the Cannes Film Festival (and for MIPIM!) and so it should come as no surprise that its bar is swanky and refined. Be warned that it’s pricey, so it’s not for the budget-conscious. With a Belle Époque aesthetic, fused with the feel of a modern hotspot, this is a sophisticated venue for enjoying cocktails and snacks. Don your glad rags and keep your eyes peeled to see who you can spot.

Where: 58 Boulevard de la Croisette, 6414 Cannes

Tel: +33(0)4 93 06 40 06

Open: Daily until Midnight.

Morrisons Irish Pub

Morrisons Irish Pub. This is the place to escape from hip clubs and hang out in a more traditional pub setting. The bartenders all speak English (mostly as a first language). Sport is televised in English and there’s live music from Tuesday to Sunday. Grab a Guinness or something off their cocktail menu and sit outside in the Spring sunshine.

How could we not put this on the list for MIPIM!?!

Where: 10 Rue Teisseire, 6400 Cannes

Tel: +33(0)4 92 98 16 17

Open: Daily 5.30pm to 0230.

Good locations for a group dinner MIPIM 2019


New York New York

New York New York is a brasserie that brings the feel of a New York steakhouse to Cannes and mixes it with French flavours and top-quality ingredients. It offers international food and is great for cocktails in a cosy setting. Seating capacity: 250 pax.

Where: 1 Allées de la Liberté Charles de Gaulle, 06400 Cannes

Tel: +33 (0)4 93 06 78 27

Open: 0830 to 23.00 Daily.

Le Palm Beach Casino Restaurant le 1929

Le Palm Beach Casino Restaurant le 1929 is for you if you want to add alternative fun to your dinner event, enjoy a traditional French dinner then head to the tables for a spot of post dinner gambling.

Where: Place Franklin Roosevelt, 06400 Cannes

Tel: +33(0) 4 97 06 36 90

Open: 13.00 to 0300

Seating capacity: 100 pax inside and 80 pax in the terrace.

Restaurant Beryte ‘Lebanese Cuisine & Chicha Lounge

Restaurant Beryte ‘Lebanese Cuisine & Chicha Lounge’ is located between the Carlton hotel and the Martinez hotel, and just a few steps from the Croisette, Le Beryte specializes in Lebanese cuisine and is happy to take care of your group reservations and organise theme nights for an unforgettable MIPIM experience!

Where: 24 Rue Pasteur, 06400 Cannes

Tel: +33(0) 4 93 69 43 27

Open: 12noon to 0500

Seating capacity: 65 pax inside and 35 pax on the terrace.

La Californie

La Californie. This restaurant has a huge terrace perfect to accommodate big groups and sit outside while sipping on a refreshing cocktail and a nice dinner. If you prefer a cosier atmosphere, groups can also be accommodated inside.

Where: 1 Square Mérimée, 06400 Cannes

Tel: +33(0) 4 93 39 20 10

Open: 0800 to 0200

Seating capacity: 50 pax inside and 160 pax in the terrace.

Le 1331

Le 1331 is a new restaurant in Cannes that combines a New York styled décor and industrial atmosphere with a French/Mediterranean cuisine. This restaurant is great for groups that want to have a good meal in a unique setting in Cannes.

Where: 14 Rue Venizelos, 06400 Cannes

Tel: +33(0) 9 83 24 87 53

Open: 0900 to 12.30pm

Seating capacity: 70 pax inside and 30 pax in the terrace.