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Rumble Romagnoli’s Best Practice SEO for 2017

I was into my 20s when Google was launched. I was a young entrepreneur desperate to get any kind of leverage to catapult our travel start-up above the major tour operators. Google arrived at the perfect time for us. Our friends were coming out of a programming degree (Cheers H) and put us on the right track of how to get a small company immediate visibility and in front of a digitally naive world.

Getting  to the top of Google in those days was pretty damn easy – nobody was doing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and we were. Bang your address into a few directories, change your meta data, and you were outdoing the big boys.

Almost 20 years on, and I have been watching very closely, Google has become an awesome and intelligent beast. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is constantly evolving and digital business consultants like myself have to be on our toes. To get ahead in this new SEO world is to constantly evaluate, conduct research and perform tests so you can see what works with regard to your industry and audience and then act fast before the competition copies you. It is more than just guess work, it is analysis based on case studies, and a set of invisible rules, a digital jurisprudence.  I had graduated in Law, and had experience in deciphering precedents.

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Is Google Adwords the best tool to increase Brand Awareness?


Google and Ipsos MediaCT have recently released the results of their new meta-study on how effective search ads can increase brand awareness. The conclusion, was that search ads increased both top-of-mind and unaided awareness; however, search ads are not the only digital marketing techniques to consider when trying to get your brand recognised, with others such as SEO and PR equally important.

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This month you can take a look at making VOD work for your business, building mobile friendly sites and interest based marketing on the Google AdWords blog.  This month was highly focused on Google shopping – tutorials, help guides and multi-platform viewing were just a few of the articles on offer to learn more about.