Expert tips on how to grow social media followers

Growing a social media following is central to almost all online marketing strategies. After all, social media offers the ideal digital platform to interact with your audience and create interest and awareness around your brand. 

Social media offers the perfect platform to share creative content that aligns with your audience’s values and desires in real-time, from company news to blog posts. 

But, how do you get new followers to like and follow your social media platforms? Growing a social media following organically in a crowded digital space takes a tailored social media engagement strategy coupled with industry insights and technical know-how. Our social media team shares some of their top tips on how to get more social media followers for your business, across some of the most powerful social networks. 

How to grow your social media audience 

Tip 1 – Community management and building – don’t forget to engage with your audience! 

  • Foster a sense of community engagement on social media by always replying to your audience, such as any comments left on posts to ensure your consumers feel loved and heard. This also illustrates a high level of customer service, making your audience more likely to trust your brand. 
  • Engage with relevant profiles – for example, take a look at your competitor’s posts and see who’s liking and commenting and engage with their profile. This will help them discover your services and help you to grow your social media followers. 

Tip 2 –  Optimise your hashtags 

  • On social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and LinkedIn, use relevant hashtags to help your profile and posts be discovered by relevant community members, growing your social media followers.
  • On Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, you have to find hashtags that people in your target audience are more likely to check. If a relevant connection is made, these users will be more likely to follow your account. It’s best to use various hashtags, from very niche community-based hashtags to larger, more widely used hashtags. Avoid spam hashtags like #love or #holiday that are too generic and always vary the hashtags you use to avoid a shadowban. 
  • On LinkedIn, it’s best to use more generic hashtags as these act as keywords. So if you’re posting about luxury property using #luxuryproperty is a great place to start.

Tip 3 – Post engaging content your audience likes 

  • Listen to your audience and create tailored types of content that will foster audience engagement. You may be wondering how to find out what your audience likes? The best way to figure this out is by looking at your analytics and seeing which posts received the most engagement, then creating more content like it. 
  • Another way to know what content your audience likes is by asking them! Create a post asking your audience to comment about what content they enjoy. It’s a win-win, as your audience will feel listened to, and you’ll know what content to create 
  • Finally, to get more social media followers for your business, engage in conversation by making statements your audience is likely to agree with passionately. 

Tip 4 – Optimise your bios and profiles 

  • Optimise your profile by ensuring your bio tells potential followers everything they need to know about your business and what you offer in one quick, easily digestible paragraph. 
  • A great way to grow your social media followers is to include keywords so your content can be found more easily.
  • Always include a call to action, such as encouraging users to follow you or go to your website. 

Tip 5 – Grow your social media followers by jumping on trends! 

  • But, only if they’re relevant to your business. 
  • On Instagram, use Reels to reach new audiences and grow – find trending sounds and use these in your videos. 
  • For LinkedIn and Twitter, see what your sector is chatting about on the platform and create an opinion piece around that conversation. 
  • Facebook – join in the conversation! Comment, like, and share. Engage with your audience to drive dialogue. 
  • If you see a social media trend emerging – try and incorporate it across relevant social media accounts. A great recent example is the Drake album. 




Tip 6 – Run competitions 

  • Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing levers and the best way to get more social media followers for your business. One of the best ways to recreate word of mouth digitally is to encourage your community members to engage their friends through a competition. Offering a prize or incentive to tag a friend and follow is an effective way to grow your community across select social media channels. As the recommendation is done by a friend, the likelihood of a follow is more likely as it is from a trusted person.

A few extra tips to get more social media followers

  • Use analytics as part of your social media strategy to find out when your audience is actively engaged and post at these times, in turn helping to increase page views.
  • Don’t forget to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing, so you can do it better.
  • Don’t forget to add locations on your Instagram post.
  • Tag relevant profiles in your posts, especially on Instagram. This will result in your post appearing in their ‘tagged photos’ on their profiles resulting in your page becoming more discoverable.
  • Get partners and brand advocates to post about your business – this could be an influencer campaign, or to encourage your consumers to post about your product. This acts like a review, encouraging others to like your product and follow your social media page. 
  • Join related industry groups, which will give your greater insight into what your potential customers want and are talking about to further engage your audience and increase your social media followers.  

If you are a luxury brand and need help growing your social media following with an effective social media strategy, contact the team of social media marketing experts at Relevance today.