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The power of influencer marketing in 2022

Influencer marketing has experienced unprecedented growth over the last five years, creating exciting opportunities for brands of all sizes. In fact, according to the Influencer Marketing Hub, the global influencer market was valued at $6.5 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $16 billion by the end of 2022. 

The widespread use of social media platforms, the prevalence of mobile and the ever-increasing demand for digital content have been the driving force of influencer marketing in 2022 as more brands seek to find ways to market directly to their target audience.

Influencers have an unbeatable voice when it comes to mobile digital marketing, helping brands expand their reach and generate leads. This makes an influencer marketing strategy a valuable choice for luxury brands seeking to reach and engage with UHNWIs. 

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a powerful digital marketing strategy that involves a brand collaborating with an online influencer to market one of its products or services. It uses the concept of celebrity endorsement and places it into a modern-day content-driven marketing campaign.

However, influencer marketing in 2022 doesn’t just involve celebrities. Instead, it revolves around an individual who has worked to grow their following and become an authority in their niche. Be it a popular fashion photographer on Instagram or a respected marketing director on LinkedIn; these figures have the power to affect the purchasing decisions and behaviours of others because of their authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with their audience.

Why should you invest in influencer marketing in 2022?

According to Oberlo, the number of social media users amounted to 3.6 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach 4 billion by the end of 2022. Gen Z is the age group that most actively engages with brands on social media, with 86% of them using platforms like Instagram or TikTok to discover new brands. 

With social media platforms progressively evolving into real shopping spaces, brands are utilising influencer marketing strategies to reach and connect with new audiences. With 86% of consumers looking for advice and recommendations from social media influencers to help them with their purchasing decisions, most brands should plan to create an influencer marketing strategy in 2023. 

What are the benefits of influencer marketing in 2022?

Collaborating with macro-influencers with more than 200,000 followers is an effective way to help your brand expand its visibility and overall reach. Influencer marketing in 2022 has the power to generate digital conversation by creating engaging and interactive content that can help to boost online conversions. Influencers with a global online presence also enable brands to enter and trial new markets quickly and cost-effectively.  

Influencer marketing in 2022 is a highly cost-effective strategy. Brands can partner strategically with industry-relevant influencers and save time and costs when segmenting and targeting the market while driving targeted traffic to the sites faster and more effectively.  

Influencer marketing is also a superb way to build brand trust and authenticity. Data from Hootsuite shows that consumers are 2.4 times more likely to view user-generated content as authentic than content created by brands. In fact, 75% of marketers are working with influencers who align with their values to improve consumers’ expectations and loyalty (Tinuiti).

Finally, as social commerce increases in popularity, influencer marketing in 2022 is ultimately a great way to boost sales. With social media platforms becoming more sophisticated, influencers can include links to online shops in their videos or posts and convert users into buyers.  

Monaco influencers leading the way

To maximise the power of the influencer marketing strategy, brands need to ensure they are meeting the interests and expectations of their audience. Understanding the demographics and psychographics of the influencer’s following is critical to reach the brand’s targeted audience. Whether they be mega (over 1 million), macro (over 100,000), or micro (1,000 to 100,000), influencers are a valuable addition to any digital marketing strategy.

With this in mind, we’ve researched some of the most powerful influencer marketing strategies in 2022 to find the biggest influencers that offer real authenticity. Read on to discover our favourite Monaco influencers that you should add to your social network. 

@Victoriabonya – 9.1M

Victoria Bonya is a hugely successful Russian lifestyle blogger, celebrity, and star of a famous TV reality show. She climbed to fame after her appearance on the 2006 TNT Russian reality show, Dom-2. Victoria now resides in Monaco and predominantly promotes her fashion brand and hosts a successful TV programme which interviews many famous athletes. Victoria has also hosted the Cosmopolitan programme and appeared on various magazine covers, including Maxim and the Russian magazine Penthouse. 

Victoria is a frequent guest on the red carpet at film festivals and other famous events, including the Monaco Yacht Show and the Monaco Grand Prix.

@tocestyle – 1M

Antoniya Toneva is a Monte-Carlo and French Riviera-based full-time social media content creator and style influencer. She is also the founder of the swimsuit brand Freeze the Breeze and a fashion consultant. Antoniya shares daily insights about her luxurious Monaco lifestyle and her entrepreneurship journey.

She loves sharing fashion and beauty tips with her audience and showing them her everyday favourite items and brands via Instagram posts, stories and video content. Antoniya travels the world, attending events such as Monaco Fashion Week, the World Blogger Awards and Dior beauty events.

@ Olga_lavric – 1M

Olga Lavric is one of the many content creators giving hundreds of thousands of followers a unique glimpse of what life looks like in the glamorous Principality of Monaco. Olga Lavric is a fashion influencer who started her entrepreneurial career by creating her blog, Colourful Buttons, back in 2015. 

Olga’s success comes from her talent for capturing the beauty of Monaco. Here, influencers can create the most unique and beautiful content creation from breathtaking views, fabulous architecture, turquoise sea and white beaches, hotels, and luxury cars in the background. She was also recently nominated for the World’s Blogger Award in 2020, a Cannes event celebrating pioneering influencers.

@ Tomclaeren – 616k

Located in Monte Carlo, Tom Claeren is a young entrepreneur who owns a luxury goods and high-tech audio-visual company. Over the past three years, Tom has specialised in private cinema designs and creations with a target demographic of clientele and successful partner brands that appeal to high-end luxury, including Chopard, Louis Vuitton, Dom Pérignon and Montblanc. Tom’s evident talent for photography and cinema led to the creation of his lifestyle blog and digital magazine,, which launched in 2014. 

Tom officially became a partner and ambassador for Monte-Carlo SBM in 2016, a leader in hospitality in the principality and around the globe. Since then, Tom has travelled the world, participating in exclusive experiences and services, including the Monaco Yacht Show, Monte Carlo Formula 1 Grand Prix and International Cannes Film Festival. – 237k 

Lauren Amiri, better known as the LA way, is a luxury fashion, travel and lifestyle content creator based in Monaco. Lauren spends her time between London and Monaco, focusing most of her content on her lavish life in the principality. Lauren’s immaculate styling and elegant aesthetics have seen her loyal following grow. In 2020, Lauren started her fashion brand, Aavelle, designed to create a timeless, interchangeable and ageless wardrobe.

Lauren is a frequent guest of some of the most exclusive hotels and resorts worldwide, including Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, Carlton Hotel Saint Moriz and Berkeley London.

Aligning your digital marketing strategy with the appropriate influencer is a highly effective strategy to improve brand awareness and exposure, reach your target audience, build brand authority and trust, as well as boost sales. Relevance can guide you through this, offering a superb network of luxury lifestyle influencers in Monaco and beyond. Contact our team to find out more about influencer marketing in 2022.

Influencer marketing trends: Top 5 genuinfluencers to follow in 2022

It has been predicted that 2022 will see the rise of genuinfluencers – social media creators who are more interested in sharing advice on topics they are passionate about rather than pushing a new product or service. 

The latest influencer marketing trends demonstrate that the showboating era of Instagram fame is over as generation Z demands authenticity and information over sales and products. 

The glossy, posed, and overly promotional content that influencers create no longer resonates with audiences seeking authenticity.  

Genuinfluencers are becoming increasingly important for luxury brands due to their authentic content and actionable insights that they share with a highly engaged and trusting audience. This makes genuinfluencers a valuable partner with luxury brands seeking to reach and engage with Ultra-High-Net-Worth-Individuals. 

Genuinfluencers: authentic and purposeful content creators

So, who are genuinfluencers, and how do they differ from influencers? 

The term genuinfluencers was coined by trend forecasting company WGSN in December 2020 to differentiate influencers who are paid to promote a product or service and influencers with a genuine interest, passion, and knowledge in their subject area. Genuinfluencers are more interested in spreading truthful information, whereas influencers will typically promote a product or service based on payment rather than genuine interest or expertise. 

Genuinfluencers do more than post their morning routine and favourite place for a chai latte. Instead, they spread important information that can keep people informed, in addition to posts about products. Genuinfluencers are thought-leaders and are more interested in sharing advice and discussing their passions rather than a new product. If they promote a product, it will be one they genuinely believe in and is relevant to their community. 

This type of authentic content – which provides actionable insights for its viewers, rather than overly glossy, posed and promotional fluff – is precisely what today’s UHNW audiences are craving.

Because genuinfluencers tend to be noticed for high-quality content and their engaged community of followers, they can be a powerful partner for luxury brands. 

As a brand, finding a genuinfluencer whose beliefs align with their own is gold dust. The key here is to have a product or service that gives back. 

With this in mind, and in no particular order, we’ve researched some of the top influencer marketing trends 2022 to find the biggest influencers that offer real authenticity. Read on to discover the top 5 genuinfluencers you should add to your social network.  

If you want to learn more about genuinfluencers and what they mean for luxury brands, then explore our article here, where we take a more in-depth look at traditional influencer marketing versus genuinfluencers. 

Relevance’s pick of the most influential genuinfluencers

Genuinfluencers come in all sizes. Whether they be mega (over 1 million), macro (over 100,000), or micro (1,000 to 100,000), the impact they have on their audience is paramount. Their community has unwavering trust in these influencers and follow them for more than just their content, but for their opinions too. 

Genuinfluencer @amieesong – 6.2M followers 

Amiee is a genuinfluencer with a large following and is known for her chic style. Whilst being predominantly a lifestyle and fashion-focused influencer, Amiee is also very open about therapy and mental health. 

As a genuinfluencer, she has documented her journey with therapy on her Instagram, opening the barriers on this delicate topic and encouraging her followers to talk more about mental health and being open when needing help. Aimee is a New York Times Bestselling Author, Forbes 30 Under 30 and has her own fashion collection, Song Of Style. 

Amiee’s profile highlights that her work with brands continues but alongside this work, she promotes her passions and uses her platform to voice more than what one should be wearing this season. For example, during the pandemic, she posted feel-good #stayathome content with no promotional messaging. This authenticity makes her attractive to luxury brands. For example, she is a brand partner for luxury Italian brand Valentino and a ‘go-to’ influencer for the British fashion house, Burberry. 

Genuinfluencer @chrisellelim – 1.4M followers 

Chriselle Lim is a Korean-American fashion stylist, lifestyle and beauty blogger, and digital influencer. Despite her beautiful aesthetics that lean towards those of a ‘typical’ influencer, Chriselle has a strong passion for supporting parents, especially mums. This passion inspired her to launch Bumo Parent, a research hub for all things parenting. Among its many offerings, it offers help finding affordable childcare and co-working spaces for working mothers. As a genuinfluencer, Chriselle has also highlighted the injustice in the US system, having recently been featured in the LA Times discussing the lack of affordable child care that leaves too many parents, especially mothers, unable to earn a living. 

Genuinfluencer @diamond_april – 410K followers 

Karina Istomia of Diamond April is a Russian DJ, blogger, podcaster and ex-model with a passion for music, which she often shares on her social media platforms. 

Karina is very open about how her lifestyle (which seems glamourous to some) has impacted her mental health. She runs a weekly YouTube show discussing various aspects of mental health. In an interview with drink’s brand Red Bull, she explained that: “lack of sleep, flights, parties – all this seriously affects my health. Damaged daily routine influences the attitude and shatters mental health, and that’s why I attend therapy sessions once a week.” 

Genuinfluencer @mumroebergdorf – 564K followers 

Munroe Bergdorf is an English model, genuinfluencer, and activist who discusses racial injustice and LGBTQ+ rights. She has walked several catwalks for fashion brands, including Gypsy Sport at London and NYC Fashion Weeks. Bergdorf was the first transgender model in the UK. 

Bergdorf uses her social platforms to discuss issues she believes in. 

Genuinfluencer @frankiebridge – 1.5M followers 

Frankie originally shot to fame as one-fifth of the former UK girl band The Saturdays but now uses her fame to speak openly about her depression and encourage anyone struggling to talk. 

She runs a podcast called Open Mind, in which she opens up about her ongoing journey from her breakdown to her breakthroughs and invites her guests to share their experiences with mental health. In opening up about her battles, Frankie hopes to help a generation of people to be more open about their mental health.

There is a fine line between promotion and saturation, especially for ultra-luxury brands. It’s best to look for influencers that spread unbiased information and produce quality content because they take it seriously. 

And this is where the genuinfluencer comes in. These influencers are a great option for luxury brands seeking to keep a sense of exclusivity. 

Relevance helps luxury brands navigate the complex area of influencers. Our team stays on top of the ever-changing influencer marketing trends, helping our luxury clients find trusted genuinfluencers that align with their audience’s values and ethos. Contact us to learn more about our social media services and how we can put together an influencer marketing strategy to elevate your brand further.

How To Beat The Instagram Algorithm In 2022

It seems the powers at Instagram have listened to the public, and the chronological feed is making a comeback! Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, announced the big changes on Twitter.

The visual social media platform will let users choose between three different feeds. Two new options, Favourites and Following (chronological), while a third “home” option offers the algorithmically sorted feed we have now.

In short, the Following feed will show posts from everyone you are following in chronological order, the Favourites will be a collection of accounts chosen by you (e.g. your favourite brands and close friends), while the Home option will continue as is now. It will function more as a discovery hub than a way to keep up with content from people you already follow. 

With these new announcements and feed changes coming into place this year, it brings hope to all smaller brands out there looking to grow their following on Instagram. But it doesn’t mean we should kick back, relax and forget to strategise. 

With that being said, here are some top tips from our team to keep your brand in check for 2022. 

How to beat the Instagram algorithm? Here’s six tips

1. Share quality, extra value content  

It may seem like a no-brainer, but ranking higher in your followers’ feeds, and even making it on their ‘Favourites’ list goes hand in hand with creating great content that encourages users to hit that like button and comment. Ensuring your photography is high-resolution, striking, and on brand is the way forward. 

The exact detail of what constitutes great content varies between different audiences, but take it from us – no one likes fuzzy, nondescript images.

Consider why you’re posting that specific post. What does it provide the user? Whether it educates, inspires or provides news, don’t just bombard your audience with sales messaging. Give them a little extra, and they’ll reward you. 

2. Instagram Stories

Instagram stories keep you front of mind. How? Stories are automatically placed at the top of users’ feeds. 

To remain front of mind, we recommend posting to your stories daily. Spend some time brainstorming ideas, it could be a product refresher or a ‘day in the life’ of. There are many possibilities. 

To help boost engagement, and to make your stories interactive, use Instagram stickers to get your follower base connecting with you. The best stickers for driving engagement include the poll sticker, emoji slider, multiple choice sticker and question stickers, but play around with all the available options to see what works best for your brand. Also, all accounts can add links to their stories, so take advantage of this to improve traffic to your site. 

3. Reels  

Reels is the best feature to help you get discovered by a new, relevant audience. Reels is the latest feature to be added to the app, and it holds lots of potential for going viral, or at least giving your engagement and following a serious boost. 

Our top three tips for increasing your engagement with Reels are:

  • Post at least one a week 
  • Keep Reels between 6 – 15 seconds. 
  • Use trending ‘sounds’, otherwise known as the background music to your video. You can find out what is trending by tapping on the music section when creating a Reel, and clicking ‘see more’ to see what Instagram recommends or even by checking out videos on the Discover Page on Tik Tok, as trends usually carry across both platforms.
  • Make sure the content is either entertaining, inspiring or educational.

Following these simple tips will not only help you reach a relevant, engaged audience but you may find one of your Reels could go viral! 

4. Use captions 

Yes, Instagram is focused around visuals, but captions are just as important. Make sure yours are as engaging as possible. 

Instagram has confirmed that comments are a key factor when it comes to feed ranking, so the aim is to try and get as many comments as possible. 

A good caption can do just that. 

Whether your caption evokes a feeling or simply asks your followers a question or their opinion about something relevant, ensuring your captions make a connection with your audience is a must. 

5. Embrace hashtags 

Adding hashtags to your post is still one of the most effective ways to reach more people on Instagram, which means more “views” (and hopefully more engagement) for the Instagram algorithm to take into account.

Not only this, but the right hashtags will attract the right type of people; those who are actively searching for the content you are creating. This is why it is essential to use hashtags that perfectly describe your content and niche – generic hashtags such as ‘#instagood’ or ‘#love’ will not get you very far. 

Balance your hashtags by using 15-30 that have different usage counts, and are suitable to your niche. For example, you could use two hashtags that have 1m uses, five that have 500,000 uses, five that have 10,000 users and so on, in order to get a good balance of popular and specific hashtags.

As well as usage of specific hashtags, try using a hashtag funnel: start with your industry, then move on to your niche, then your brand, then your community, then your location and specific product hashtags based on the post theme.

6. Listen to your community 

Your community is key. These are the people who are regularly engaging with your content and keeping your page a success. Our advice is to listen to them.

Find out what content they want, and create it. 

Respond to their comments, and spend time engaging on their posts too. Remember that interaction should be a two-way street.

Ultimately, beating the Instagram algorithm is all about showing that you have something to offer the user, whether this means using sharp, inspiring imagery, engaging followers through Stories, making the most of new features, using evocative captions and accurate hashtags, or listening to your community. To be efficient on social, remember that a dedicated strategy is always needed, with each platform offering different ways of boosting engagement. Get in touch with our experts today to book an audit of your channels and learn how to beat any algorithm.

Expert tips on how to grow social media followers in 2022

Growing a social media following is central to almost all online marketing strategies. After all, social media offers the ideal digital platform to interact with a relevant audience and create awareness around your brand. 

Social media offers the perfect platform to share creative content that aligns with your audience’s values and desires in real-time, from company news to blog posts. 

But, how do you get new followers to like and follow your social media platforms? Growing a social media following organically in a crowded digital space takes a tailored social media engagement strategy coupled with industry insights and technical know-how. Our social media team shares some of their top tips on how to get more social media followers for your business across some of the most powerful social networks. 

How to grow your social media audience in 2022 

Social Media Tip 1 – Community management and building – don’t forget to engage with your audience! 

  • Foster a sense of community engagement on social media by always replying to your audience, such as any comments left on posts, to ensure your consumers feel loved and heard. This also illustrates a high level of customer service, making your audience more likely to trust your brand. 
  • Engage with relevant profiles – for example, take a look at your competitor’s posts and see who’s liking, commenting, and engaging with their profile. This will help them discover your services and help you to grow your social media followers. 

Social Media Tip 2 –  Optimise your hashtags 

  • On social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and LinkedIn, use relevant hashtags to help your profile and posts be discovered by relevant community members, growing your social media followers.
  • On Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, you have to find hashtags that people in your target audience are more likely to check. These users will be more likely to follow your account if a relevant connection is made. It’s best to use various hashtags, from very niche community-based hashtags to larger, more widely used hashtags. Avoid spam hashtags like #love or #holiday that are too generic, and always vary the hashtags you use to avoid a shadowban. 
  • On LinkedIn, it’s best to use more generic hashtags as these act as keywords. So if you’re posting about luxury property using #luxuryproperty is a great place to start.
  • A great tip from Laura Popa at adLemonade is to use a hashtag funnel. Start with your industry, then move on to your niche, then your brand, then your community, then your location and specific product hashtags based on the post theme, she suggests. 

Social Media Tip 3 – Post extra value content your audience will engage with 

  • Post extra value content. If you’re wondering what that is, it’s content that goes beyond just pushing your services or product. Whether it educates, inspires or provides news, don’t just bombard your audience with sales messaging. Give them a little extra, and they’ll reward you with loyalty. 
  • Listen to your audience and create tailored types of content that will foster audience engagement. You may be wondering how to find out what your audience likes? The best way to figure this out is by looking at your analytics and seeing which posts received the most engagement, then creating more content like it. 
  • Another way to know what content your audience likes is by asking them! Create a post asking your audience to comment about what content they enjoy. It’s a win-win, as your audience will feel listened to, and you’ll know what content to create. 

Social Media Tip 4 – Optimise your bios and profiles 

  • Optimise your profile by ensuring your bio tells potential followers everything they need to know about your business and what you offer in one quick, easily digestible paragraph. 
  • A great way to grow your social media followers is to include keywords so your content can be found more easily.
  • Always include a call to action, such as encouraging users to follow you or go to your website. 

Social Media Tip 5 – Grow your social media followers by jumping on trends! 

  • But only if they’re relevant to your business. 
  • On Instagram, use Reels to reach new audiences and grow – find trending sounds and use these in your videos. We’d recommend posting at least one reel a week. 
  • For LinkedIn and Twitter, see what your sector is chatting about on the platform and create an opinion piece around that conversation. 
  • Facebook – join in the conversation! Comment, like, and share. Engage with your audience to drive dialogue. 

Social Media Tip 6 – Work with Influencers  

  • Influencers hold the keys to an engaged following that should be interested in your services or products (if you pick the correct influencers!). Depending on your budget, implementing a successful influencer campaign can provide great results for your brand. Not only an increase in following, but hopefully sales too. 
  • Influencers provide you with content (which you can use on your feed) and an ability to connect with relevant, potential customers who wholeheartedly trust the influencer. 
  • We recommend combining mega, macro, and micro-influencers for the best results. 

A few extra tips to get more social media followers

  • Use analytics as part of your social media strategy to find out when your audience is actively engaged and post at these times, helping to increase page views.
  • Don’t forget to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing, so you can do it better.
  • Don’t forget to add locations on your Instagram post.
  • Tag relevant profiles in your posts, especially on Instagram. This will result in your post appearing in their ‘tagged photos’ on their profiles, making your page more discoverable.
  • Get partners and brand advocates to post about your business – this could be an influencer campaign or to encourage your consumers to post about your product. This acts as a review, encouraging others to like your product and follow your social media page. 
  • Join related industry groups, giving you greater insight into what your potential customers want and are talking about to engage your audience further and increase your social media followers.  

If you are a luxury brand and need help growing your social media following with an effective social media strategy, contact the team of social media marketing experts at Relevance today.

Genuinfluencers: Who Are They & What Do They Mean For Your HNW & UHNW Brand?

Influencers undeniably run the mass-market social media world. According to a MediaKix study, the estimated figures for global influencers on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube combined are anywhere between 3.2m and 37.8m, with the large range accounting for fake accounts and other discrepancies. However, while successfully dominating the world of FMCG and other mass-market consumables, influencers have traditionally been more problematic in the world of HNW and UHNW brands, which require truly authentic ambassadors to capture the trust of their elite audience. 

Now, on the brink of Instagram’s ‘like’ disappearing, and with the need for brands to prove their social conscience on the rise, we are seeing the influencer balance tip even further toward authenticity and positioning (quality) over fame and likeability (quantity).

The highs and lows of traditional influencer marketing

The 2010s were arguably the golden years of influencers and influencer marketing, with image-led Instagram launching in October 2010. More than any other social media platform, Instagram allowed people to curate and project their desired lifestyle to anyone who might be interested, and those who created captivating feeds quickly gained followers and influence. For most brands – including those with very different audiences, spanning all the way from mass-market to UHNW – an opportunity to get their name or products promoted by Instagram’s most loved personalities was was incredible. 

However, as time has worn on and the number of influencers has grown, some consumers have become tired of the traditional influencer model. Why? One key issue is that as influencers grow in popularity, their content, which may have started out with the aim of connecting with people, often becomes more impersonal. This has led to some influencers posting glossy yet fairly homogeneous content, which no longer captures people’s hearts or attention. 

For luxury brands in particular, this growth in influencer popularity is also a problem because of the lack of guarantee that their target audience will make up the majority of followers. Often, a wide range of people will follow luxury influencers to observe the beautiful imagery, with many never having the means to purchase what they promote. While this is still a good way of building brand awareness, it can mean that there is little noticeable ROI from influencer campaigns. Of course, this is not always the case – brands who take care to work with influencers whose follower base matches their audience well will still be rewarded with successful campaign results.

Another reason is that as a society, we are becoming more focused on political and social issues and reliable information. This shift was already underway before the outbreak of COVID-19, although the pandemic has certainly accelerated it; influencers who posted out-of-touch shots while the world was in lockdown came across as uninformed about how some people were experiencing the pandemic, even if they were pictures taken before the health crisis. Successful influencers were those who changed their content to fit the current needs and mood of their followers, with skincare routines and at-home leisurewear fashion videos resonating much better than high fashion imagery and #TBTs at glamorous destinations.

What are genuinfluencers?

Enter genuinfluencers. Coined by trend forecasting company WGSN in December last year, the term refers to influencers who are more interested in spreading truthful information and offering advice than they are selling products and promoting brands. Tipped to be one of WGSN’s five key trends for 2021 and beyond, genuinfluencers typically carve out a niche for themselves on social media based on their own expertise, sharing their valuable knowledge and opinions with their trusting audience. However, they can also be highly popular influencers who decide to partner with an organisation and use their power to do good – for example, TikTok sensation Charli D’Amelio’s #DistanceDance to promote social distancing, or ITV’s Love Island stars promoting the UK’s NHS Test and Trace program.

Why use genuinfluencers to market high-value products and services?

This type of truly authentic content – which provides actionable insights for its viewers, rather than being overly glossy, posed and promotional – is exactly what today’s audiences are craving. You may well be thinking that while genuinfluencers work well for government bodies or certain organisations, they make less sense in a luxury context – perhaps you believe that brands do not need to promote their ethics in order to be successful. However, in today’s climate that is simply not true. 

In 2021, high-value brands must prove their social acceptability as a key part of the purchasing journey. For example, many UHNWI are aware that their spending and behaviour have an impact on the environment, and that they have the power to change mass behaviour through their decisions as early adopters. As such, they actively look to buy from brands that  are leading the charge in eco-friendly policies. A Luxe Digital report states that Millennials and Generation Z consumers are driving 85% of global luxury sales growth, while a Nielsen study has found that 73% of Millennial respondents were willing to spend more on a product if it comes from a sustainable or socially conscious brand. Businesses who don’t show their sustainability, on the other hand, are likely to be left behind.

Promoting ethical values is a necessary ingredient to your success. And while your brand needs to talk about its social values itself, genuinfluencers will help deliver this message in a much more authentic, unbiased way.

Working with genuinfluencers for your HNW and UHNW brand: Advice from our experts

1. Review your brand and the communication issues you need to overcome from a corporate social responsibility perspective. For example, a private yacht charter brand may need to show its commitment to recycling materials; a luxury car brand may need to show its commitment to elimination of emissions and scrap; a jet charter company may need to show its commitment to double offsetting of carbon footprint.

Your choice of genuinfluencer will flow naturally from a review of your communication issues. Not the ‘buy this now’ messages but the more deep set issues of social acceptability and responsibility. 

2. Spend time researching and consuming content to understand the different styles of genuinfluencer campaigns already out there. For example, brands that hold animal welfare close to their heart could check out Instagrammer Chelsea Kauai’s feed, who, alongside posting a lot of genuine, unsponsored content, works with sustainable businesses including luxury travel resorts, recently working with the five-star Royal Malewane & Spa lodge to offer her opinion on their ethical safari experience. 

Consider what type of campaign could work well for your brand, based on your knowledge of your audience and their preferred platforms and content styles. When you find a genuinfluencer that you think could work well for your campaign, take great care in evaluating their follower base to ensure it matches up with your brand’s target audience.

3. Remember, even more than traditional influencers, genuinfluencers’ value comes from their unique storytelling methods and honest opinions, so they will likely take the lead on how the content looks and sounds. This may seem strange for those unfamiliar with this style of marketing, but genuinfluencers know what their audience wants, meaning that trusting them will likely produce much higher engagement and better results. 

If you would like help in creating a genuinfluencer campaign, don’t hesitate to contact Relevance’s expert team. We will help to secure and propel your brand’s social acceptability, gaining you new devoted followers and potential clients. 

Three Best Luxury Influencer Campaigns for Hospitality

In these unprecedented times where safety is paramount and travel still uncertain, never has it been so important to give first-person perspectives of the luxury guest experience. Cue the increasing use of luxury influencer campaigns, a digital marketing strategy whereby individuals with niche audiences promote travel brands through blogs and social media. 

What are influencer marketing campaigns?

Influencer marketing campaigns are a business collaboration with an influential person who is able to promote a product, service, or experience. This concept first began with celebrity endorsements, but as authenticity and relatability has become more important to audiences, social content creators with large audiences are now often more valuable to brands. 

According to Hootsuite, in 2019 almost half of US and UK digital marketers spent at least 10% of their marketing budget on influencer marketing, and this is growing every day. Mediakix found that in the same year, 65% of marketers planned to up their influencer marketing budgets. What’s more, the MediaKix study shows that 71% of marketers say the quality of customers, leads, and traffic from influencer marketing is better than those from other sources, showing its clear merit.

Why use luxury influencer campaigns for travel?

Luxury influencer campaigns are particularly successful within the affluent travel sector, with a new generation of charismatic individuals leading the charge. Typically offering their services in return for free stays in luxury resorts and hotels, or other free experiences, influencers share their adventures on their blogs and social accounts, using powerful imagery and beautiful video content which in turn gives brands positive exposure to the right audiences.

Instagram is an ideal platform for luxury travel influencers, being the fastest growing social media channel with more than one billion users. Its model revolves around imagery meaning that it works well for the luxury travel sector, as beautiful images are one of the most valuable tools for selling these experiences.

At Relevance, we find the biggest benefit of influencer marketing is in reaching an audience through an already trusted medium, not aggressively pushing the brand into the face of our HNW and UHNW audience but instead letting them discover our brands in a way that they are comfortable with, make an informed decision. This type of marketing is also useful in reaching a very niche group of people, with businesses able to select influencers that they work with based on their followers and affinity to their brand. 

We have implemented influencer marketing to build brand awareness and grow leads for a number of clients in the yachting and high-value villa industries, amongst other sectors. One of these clients is French Riviera real estate agency St Tropez House, with whom we worked with luxury influencer Tom Claeren to promote two different properties, Villa Ama and Villa Las Brisas

For Villa Ama, we created a two-minute video, Instagram-friendly short videos (Reels), and photos of the property with models including our influencer. This content was published on Youtube and Instagram (feed, Reels, Stories) by both St Tropez House and Tom Claeren, and promoted by St Tropez House in a newsletter. The photos were also used in digital advertising banners. During the creation of this content, we put a big emphasis on the backstage, behind-the-scenes elements, also sharing live videos from the shoots.

The result was that St Tropez House nearly doubled its Instagram followers, gaining 1,000 fans. The campaign also led to the agency booking seven weeks out of ten weeks available at Villa Ama. Out of five clients that booked, four said that they booked based on the video with Tom Claeren, and none of the bookers actually visited the villa in person. On top of this, the villa now has a waiting list for next season. 

For Villa Las Brisas we followed a similar formula, and were rewarded with impressive results. Despite being promoted during the COVID-19 era, when we saw a lot of travel-related unease, St Tropez secured a pre-booking for three weeks in 2022, exclusively on the basis of the video. 

Three luxury travel brands with the strongest influencer campaigns 

If you want to implement an influencer campaign for your luxury brand, first get inspired by three of our favourite influencer-centric travel brands below.

Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor is part of the The Safari Collection, which comprises four luxury boutique camps and lodges dotted across the finest locations in Kenya. This high-end, sustainable resort has been using Instagram luxury travel micro-influencers to boost awareness of the exclusive resort to a HNW and UHNW audience, from laid-back giraffe-feeding imagery delivered by blacktravelpassport (16.7k followers) to high-fashion shots by GirlsTravelMagazine (102k followers). 

One benefit of using micro-influencers, who typically have anywhere between 3-100k followers, is that although they may have a smaller followerbase, it will likely consist of a more engaged and dedicated audience. According to a recent study, 82% of consumers are ‘highly likely’ to follow a recommendation made by a micro-influencer. This is because people who follow micro-influencers generally really value their opinions, regarding these influencers almost as a friend – as influencers grow and grow, it is harder for them to appear as relatable or authentic. Micro-influencers are also often much more affordable for brands working within a strict marketing budget. 

Most of the Giraffe Manor collaborations find a way to work in the resort’s famous giraffes, who are referred to by their individual names on the brand’s own Instagram and are undoubtedly the main attraction. The posts also highlight the unspoilt wilderness of the resort, while hinting at its five-star nature. 

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

The Fairmont brand owns more than 70 hotels and resorts worldwide including The Plaza in New York, The Savoy in London and the Fairmont Monte-Carlo in Monaco. The luxury brand has chosen to put influencer campaigns at the very heart of its marketing strategy, seeing this as the ideal way to reach engaged audiences. 

Mansi Vagt, Executive Director Of e-Commerce & Digital Marketing at AccorHotels, which now owns the Fairmont brand, said: “We know that our guests today are motivated by the desire to experience new and authentic local activities. Our iconic hotels are located in some of the most exciting destinations in the world and offer the opportunity for once in a lifetime experience. We wanted to show that through the eyes of key influencers using video content to bring it to life and share our story with their fans and followers.”

She added: “It is not just about huge fans and followers in my opinion, but rather the right message being delivered in the most authentic way possible to targeted and relevant audiences bit by bit.”

Examples of successful influencer marketing campaigns from Fairmont Hotels & Resorts include a 20 minute video on Fairmont’s Banff Springs Hotel on the Luxury Travel Expert YouTube channel, which offers a walk-around tour offering behind-the-scenes access to places like the kitchens as well as the different rooms and amenities, making viewers feel like they are right there with the influencer.

Another particularly successful influencer campaign, which resulted in a 10% revenue increase and a 2% market share increase across Canada, was Fairmont’s Canada 150 Integrated Campaign which was shortlisted for The Shorty Awards in 2018. 

The objective of the campaign was to mark the 150th anniversary of confederation in Canada, whilst raising awareness of Fairmont’s iconic properties across the country. Part of the campaign saw key influencers transported on a private jet to a ‘Fairmont-inspired’ ski chalet, where they created the world’s first ‘apres-ski’ experience at 30,000 ft. The group of influencers took part in a number of enviable activities such as snowmobiling, ice fishing, horse-drawn sleigh rides, skiing and curling. This resulted in more than 32.9 million impressions via influencers, exceeding the goal by 64.5%. 

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

Another luxury hospitality brand to have successfully implemented numerous influencer marketing campaigns is The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, which boasts more than 90 luxury hotels and resorts in 30 different countries. 

Influencers that this chain of luxury hotels has worked with include everyone from professional photographer and micro-influencer Chris Aznar (53.4k followers) to Instagram household name and world-traveler Jack Morris (2.5m followers), ensuring that the brand is presented to a variety of different audiences, which is especially important for a global brand like Ritz-Carlton. 

Every luxury travel influencer that they work with is able to make a believable link between their exotic lifestyles and travels and the glamourous Ritz Hotel, giving fantastic exposure to the luxury brand, particularly amongst Millennial and Gen Z HNWIs, UHNWIs and HENRY’s (high-earners-not-rich-yet), who are more prevalent on Instagram. 

Influencer marketing can be a highly effective way of attracting the right kind of aspiring and future clients, but as we have seen, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to these campaigns. Getting it right is all about understanding what works for your brand, and most importantly, your audience. If you would like to discuss incorporating luxury influencer campaigns into your brand’s digital marketing strategy, please get in touch to see how Relevance can help.

The beauty brands at the forefront of social: During the COVID-19 crisis & beyond

We’re experiencing a time like never before. COVID-19 has changed our lives in so many ways; the way we shop being just one. Traditional consumer footfall has come to a standstill, and brands, especially those in beauty, are faced with the challenge of communicating to their customers in a new way. One with a complete digital focus, of which social media is at the forefront.

For beauty brands this can be quite challenging: how can one find the perfect shade of foundation, or that ultra-flattering lipstick colour, without trying it on beforehand? 

Despite the hurdles in the road, many beauty brands are finding innovative ways to connect with their consumers on social media…and here are some of our favourites. 

These brands are adding value to consumers’ digital experience, whilst embracing innovative ways of connecting with their audience during this global pandemic. 

Four of the best beauty brands on social right now

Kiehl’s: Virtual wellbeing 

Kiehl’s Instagram page has become a virtual wellness centre, with mental health being a key focus. The Kiehl’s social team are cleverly using the brand’s authority on Instagram to reach out to followers for regular ‘community check-ins,’ promoting mental wellbeing during self-isolation. 

It has also launched a series of free virtual wellbeing programmes ranging from ‘Mask & Meditation’ to ‘Healthy Skin Happy Hour’ sessions with its skincare experts.

Dior Stands with You: The power of beauty to triumph over adversity

A timely quote was shared by the Dior team when the pandemic began. From its namesake designer, the quote is poignant and connects to the brand’s heritage. The quote said, “Women, with their intuitive instinct, understood that I dreamed not only of making them more beautiful, but happier too.”

To connect with this quote and also give back to their dedicated followers, the brand has been sharing regular beauty rituals, with the help of its creative directors and beauty experts from around the world, allowing customers to create a Dior-style environment in their homes. Not only can being in an environment you love help calm you, but it has the power to make you feel content, and Dior has shown that it wants to enable this positivity during this difficult time. 

“We believe in the power of beauty to triumph in the face of adversity. We’d like to be even closer and more helpful to you during these difficult times.” 

MAC Cosmetics – Virtual try-on

MAC may have closed its stores, but it doesn’t mean its consumers can no longer try on its products. 

This forward thinking brand introduced IG Try on when lockdown first came into place. Users can find the tagged shoppable item on their Instagram grid posts, click to shop and they’ll find the option to ‘try it on’. Here MAC uses an Instagram filter to allow its consumers to try on the lipstick shade virtually…who needs stores when you have Virtual Augmented Reality?

Glossier – The cult beauty brand 

Glossier built its cult brand advocates on Instagram, so it’s no surprise that this young brand has found innovative ways to keep communication open with its consumers. 

The millennial beauty brand shut its stores earlier in March, and launched Glossier Live Edit, a new video chat program where you can connect virtually with a Glossier team member (AKA a Live Editor) for your very own, 1-to-1 Top Shelf treatment. 

The Live editor is a personal show-and-tell routine where customers can ask beauty questions (about Glossier and beyond) and share products they’re loving. The session is continually fully booked, showcasing its success. Glossier’s openness to including other products shows its commitment to its following and their wellness. This approach can only improve their relationship with their consumers. 

The brand has also donated products to those working on the front line – keeping their spirits high and showing appreciation for those putting themselves at risk to save others. Well done, Glossier! 

So there we have it. Our top four beauty brands on social media, showing how we can provide extra value for our consumers and keep front of mind even through extremely difficult times. Which one is your favourite?

Best Video Calling Apps & Social Platforms We Used During The COVID-19 Crisis

Although worldwide lockdowns are easing and have even been lifted in Monaco and France, social distancing is still in effect across the globe due to the coronavirus crisis, meaning many people continue to rely on digital technology to keep in touch with friends and family.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, many social media platforms and digital tools have seen a huge spike in downloads as we hunted for the best video calling apps, the coolest virtual quizzes and the easiest messaging software. 

While the last few years have seen a raft of reports and research highlighting how digital technology is making us less social, the coronavirus has actually shown how the virtual world can be a force for good. Today, friends, family, colleagues, and neighbours are connecting digitally, utilising a vast array of sophisticated platforms.

From group chats to virtual parties, dinner dates and yoga classes, the world of digital technology has enabled us to connect even when we are all forced apart.

Here are seven tools we used to stay connected during the coronavirus crisis.

Discover the best video calling apps & social platforms

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an easy-to-use tool allowing you to message and video call friends and family, one-on-one, or as part of larger groups. Easy to use, in order to access this app you’ll need to first create a Facebook page. Facebook Messenger also helped in the fight against Covid-19 and spread of fake news, launching a programme to help government health organisations and UN health agencies share accurate information.


Most people are familiar with Skype, the original video call platform – to this day it is still one of the best video calling apps. It’s great for catching up with people one-on-one, or for small groups. A handy tool for staying in contact with friends and family, no matter where they are in the world.


Described as a face-to-face social network, this digital platform has seen a huge surge in use, responsible for keeping digital natives entertained while in lockdown. Houseparty is a video chat app that allows users to congregate spontaneously with friends via a video hangout. Use this tool to connect with friends and family, hold virtual parties and happy hours, or simply go about your usual social activities, only digitally.


Designed for short-form mobile videos, Tik Tok helped people stay connected during the coronavirus crisis by creating a virtual community. Many users utilised the platform to share informative and fun videos in the wake of the pandemic, from reminding people to wash their hands and how they were staying entertained during lockdown to memes about their experiences. As videos are so easily seen and shared, doctors even used the app in an attempt to spread accurate information on coronavirus.


Similar to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp is a great tool for staying connected with friends, family and community groups, via text messages, calls, or video calls. The mobile app works on all phones and is free to download. In the wake of the pandemic, the app teamed up with the World Health Organization to launch a messaging service designed to get the very latest news and information on coronavirus to people, from symptoms to look out for to how to best protect yourself.  


FaceTime only works for Apple users but is one of the best video calling apps thanks to how easy it is, allowing you to connect instantly with people across the world. In 2018, FaceTime expanded its offerings, and now allows groups of up to 32 people in a call – perfect for catching up with all your friends and family at once.


A great app for helping us stay connected during the coronavirus crisis, Zoom is designed for video conferencing, web conferencing, webinars, and more. The app was also extensively used as an online learning tool in the wake of school closures across the world. Zoom works across a wide range of operating systems, including Android, Windows, and Mac. Users can opt to mute themselves or turn off their cameras if they wish, while the presenter has the ability to share their screen with others to present information. Its Relevance’s CEO Rumble Romagnoli’s favourite digital platform for hosting our Relevance Academy webinars!

This is just a small listing of some of the most popular digital tools for staying connected during the coronavirus. Whichever one you opt for, you’ll be able to stay in-touch with everyone long after the crisis, no matter where they might be in the world.

Celebrating The Luxury Lifestyle Influencers Of Monaco

Back in December, we compiled a list of the top luxury influencers to follow. This time we have narrowed it down to luxury lifestyle influencers from Monaco, the location of Relevance HQ, all of whom we have had the chance to collaborate with. These influencers have managed to expand their reach to the rest of the world through glamorous, enviable feeds that pull people in time and time again.

Our influencers represent the world of Monaco; the land of luxury, where the lavish lifestyle is celebrated and admired. These business-savvy influencers have created successful careers for themselves by crafting more personalised relationships with their audiences. They understand the world of digital marketing and know-how to create stories around their persona that appeal to their target audience. 

As mentioned in our previous article, influencer marketing is a strong digital strategy to adopt if you are looking to gain credibility for your brand. Did you know that 70% of millennials are influenced by the recommendation of their favourite blogger? Considering this significant figure, influencers play an important role in everything from community building to digital advertising to build a stronger digital presence for your brand.

So entrepreneurs, fashionistas and luxury enthusiasts are you ready to join us in the celebration of our influencers?

Discover the top luxury lifestyle influencers of Monaco

@louisducruet – 13.3K – Luxury Lifestyle 

Louis Ducruet is the son of Princess Stéphanie of Monaco and Daniel Ducruet.  He opens up about his passions and opulent lifestyle with his followers on Instagram, sharing his daily life and insights on his career. 

@olga_lavric– 104K – Fashion and entrepreneur 

Olga Lavric is a fashion influencer who started her entrepreneurial career with the creation of her blog, Colourful Buttons, back in 2015. She shares her daily outfits and her favourite spots in the Principality. She has also recently been nominated for the Worlds’ blogger award, an event in Cannes that celebrates pioneering influencers.

@tocestyle – 132K –  Fashion and entrepreneur 

Antoniya is a fashion influencer, entrepreneur and founder of swimsuit brand Freeze the Breeze. She is also a fashion consultant. She shares daily insights about her luxurious Monaco lifestyle as well as her entrepreneurship journey.

@cvetkova_official – 235K –  Fashion and entrepreneur

Yulia is all about the mix between luxury and sustainability. She founded the movement Beauty against Plastic Pollution, the Miss Monaco beauty pageant and luxury lifestyle magazine The Glam. She has also recently launched her own fashion house called Maison the Glam.

@tomclaeren – 590K followers – Luxury lifestyle and entrepreneur

Tom Claeren is an entrepreneur, actor, high-end content producer and luxury lifestyle influencer from Monaco. He has been specialising in the high-end niche market for the past few years whilst evolving in the world of Monaco and promoting his passion: the elegant way of life.

Relevance helps brands to reach their digital marketing objectives and by connecting them with their target audiences.

Partnering up with influencers in the right way can render fantastic results. Whether you want to expand your brand’s reach, gain more followers, get amazing curated content or even generate sales, the key is to align your overall business objectives to the correct influencer marketing strategies. Relevance can support you through this, offering an incredible network of luxury lifestyle influencers in Monaco and beyond. Get in touch with our dynamic team to find out more.

Top 10 Influencers to follow in 2020

On social media, consumers are looking for someone they can trust to guide them through the buying process, especially when browsing luxury products and/or services. Savvy influencers know how to create these meaningful connections by generating emotion, closeness, and confidence. 

Luxury brands traditionally build audience trust and promote the best possible version of themselves by forging more personalised relationships with their customers. And since influencers can cultivate this intimate relationship, all the while inspiring their followers and acting as a link between the follower itself and the brand, an increasing number of exclusive brands are moving towards working with luxury influencers.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of our top 10 luxury influencers to follow, spanning fashion, travel, lifestyle, and Monaco locals. Prepare to be inspired…

Benefits of becoming partners to luxury influencers

Influencer marketing has now become one of the main digital marketing strategies for reaching a niche audience. When brands find the right influencer partnerships, they can be like gold dust in terms of building brand trust and authority.

Influencers have the ability, though their content, to connect their loyal followers to a brand. If targeted properly, influencer marketing can help increase brand awareness and recognition. Working with influencers can also offer an excellent return on investment as well by generating sales. It is also a great way of creating new sharable content that is enticing and of good quality.

Some 91% of millennials trust online reviews as well as their friends or family, signaling this is a strategy that businesses can’t afford to ignore.

Chiara Ferragni – 18.2M followers –  Luxury Fashion – Milan

Chiara Ferragni is an Italian fashion influencer, blogger, entrepreneur and designer who has collaborated with fashion brands through her social channels and on her blog: The Blonde Salad.

In September 2017, Ferragni was ranked first on the Forbes “Top Fashion Influencers” list. In 2013, Chiara launched her own high-end clothing and accessories brand, The Chiara Ferragni Collection. It is renowned for the unique mix of motifs, prints, glitter and patches, making its products iconic pieces meant to be worn and collected. She has collaborated with numerous luxury fashion brands such as Prada, Dior, Dsquared2 and many more.

Lorna Luxe – 1M followers – Luxury Fashion – London

“Breathe it all in, Luxe it all out”. Lorna Luxe is a British fashion influencer, blogger and entrepreneur who curates her Instagram feed with luxury outfits. She also shares her luxury lifestyle with her audience when travelling across the world to shoot her fashion collections. She has collaborated with numerous luxury fashion brands such as Joseph, Ralph Lauren and many more.

Negin Mirsalehi – 5.7M followers – Luxury Beauty – Amsterdam

Negin Mirsalehi is an influencer, blogger, YouTuber, and entrepreneur. In 2018, she was listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 list, classifying her as one of the leading figures in her industry. She launched her own hair brand, Gisou in 2015, whilst also attending some of the most prestigious haute couture shows. She has partnered with high-end brands such as Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana and APM Monaco, allowing her to create her own jewellery collection.

Do You Travel – 2.7M followers – Luxury Travel – Bali

Jack Morris is known as the world traveller, influencer, YouTuber and professional photographer behind the account Do You Travel. On his accounts, he shares breathtaking pictures of luxury locations and hotels with his audience. He has collaborated with companies such as Visit Abu Dhabi, Chopard, Adobe and much more.

Chelseakauia – 867K followers – Luxury Travel – Hawaii

Chelsea Yamase is a Hawaii-based creative luxury travel influencer. She has visited more than 53 countries in the past 3 years and has documented her journey. She has partnered with luxury brands such as Shangri La, Four Seasons, Land Rover and much more.

Louis Nicolas Darbon – 230K followers – Luxury Lifestyle – Los Angeles

Louis Nicolas Darbon is a french London-based artist and luxury lifestyle influencer. He shares both of his worlds with his audience: his creations but also the luxury lifestyle he cultivates. Besides creating art on canvas, Louis has collaborated with some of the world’s biggest luxury brands campaigns such as Jaeger LeCoultre, Chopard and Bentley.

Jon Olsson – 1M followers – Luxury Lifestyle – Marbella

Jon Olsson is a professional freeskier, luxury influencer, YouTuber and entrepreneur. Living between Monaco and Marbella, he shares his luxury way of living through his Instagram account and YouTube channel.

He is the owner of two fashion brands: DoucheBags and C’est Normal. He documents his exciting lifestyle on YouTube and Instagram where he features luxury yachts, cars, hotels and much more. He has collaborated with brands such as Aston Martin, Leica, LG Mobile and many more.

Jacob – 953K followers – Luxury Lifestyle – London

Jacob Riglin is a luxury lifestyle influencer, YouTuber, photographer, and entrepreneur. Originally from the UK, he has spent the past four years travelling across the world and sharing his top luxury destinations and lifestyle with his audience.  

He has worked with companies such as Mercedes Benz, Visit Abu Dhabi, Audi and many more.

Shiva Safai – 782K followers – Luxury Relevance Locals – Monaco

Shiva Safai is a model, entrepreneur, and influencer based in Monaco. She launched her jewellery collection in 2015. She shares on social her luxury lifestyle but also her entrepreneurial journey. She has worked with luxury brands such as Piaget and many others.

Tom Claeren – 581K followers – Luxury Lifestyle – Monaco

Tom Claeren is a luxury influencer, entrepreneur, actor and high-end content producer from Monaco. He has been specialising in luxury cars but also in the high-end luxury niche market for the past few years. Evolving in the world of Monaco, he is showcasing through his content, his passion: the elegant way of life. He has worked with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chopard, Porsche, Bentley and Don Perignon.

At Relevance, we define strategies to help you reach your campaign objectives by connecting you to the right people. Through our database of 500+ ultra niche luxury influencers, we help brands build audience trust and promote the best possible version of the brand to a wider, relevant, high-net-worth follower base. We will help you forge personalised relationships with key luxury influencers when launching campaigns. Get in touch to find out more.