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Top 5 UHNWI interests for 2023

The population of wealthy individuals has fluctuated over the past few years, with the global Ultra-High-Net-Worth population sitting at just over 390,000 individuals. While in 2021 Wealth X predicted a 10% rise in UHNWs for 2022, the total figures for this cohort gradually declined due to the Ukraine war and linked trading conditions. 

That said, the number of ultra-rich is projected to rebound, increasing by a staggering 28% by 2026, according to the 2022 Wealth X report. 

The world’s richest demographic is constantly shifting and evolving, evoking a change in UHNWI interests, behaviours, purchasing habits, values, and lifestyles. 

According to a 2022 Knight Frank report, it is estimated that 129,557 UHNWIs (individuals defined as having net assets of US$30 million or more) are self-made and under the age of 40, around a fifth of the total UHNW population. 

The new generation of UHNWIs is more global and tech-savvy than previous cohorts with more varied interests. These young, wealthy individuals are also aware of environmental and social issues and their implications, becoming a force of good as they are more likely to consider ESG concerns when investing. 

Given their significant wealth, UHNWIs require bespoke, personalised services that meet their particular needs. 

Below, Relevance highlights the current and evolving priorities and interests of UHNWIs and how service providers can best match their offerings to the lifestyles of this new wealthy generation. 

What do UHNWIs care about?

1 – Enjoyment and Connection 

While materialism was once the pinnacle of wealth, today’s younger UHWNIs seek authentic and memorable experiences with their peers and loved ones. They are looking to be their casual, informal, genuine selves above consuming materialistic goods. This interest of UHNWIs has become exceptionally important following global lockdowns, which forced many families and friends apart. The pandemic inspired many to travel to new destinations and discover new enclaves from trusted sources. 

From private access to exclusive destinations, carefully curated special events and limited-access experiences, service providers that cater to the lifestyles and interests of UHNWIs are focusing on unique, bespoke experiences that emphasise enjoyment, exclusivity and emotion. 

When money is no object, only highly unique and personal experiences will help foster and maintain relationships with other equally successful peers.

One very successful way to utilise this UHNWI interest is to adopt luxury as a membership. This is the opportunity to enjoy positive experience-based services that are exclusive and limited to their accessibility. This could include VIP access to a private members club, the ability to attend exclusive events or access to limited-edition luxury products.

One brand proving to be exceptionally successful at targeting the interests of UHNWIs is Hermès. The French leather goods designer produces a limited quantity of its iconic Birkin each year. These are released every few years, and incredibly hard to buy, even for the most connected UHNWIs, making them highly sought-after. Created from start to finish by one craftsman, these handbags come in various materials and colours, and demand has never been greater. In November 2020, a Birkin auction record was set for a Matte White Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile Birkin 25, which sold for $388,000 at Christie’s in Hong Kong.

2 – Privacy and Security 

As we emerge from COVID-19, UHNWIs have strongly emphasised their need for privacy and security, requiring larger, more private indoor spaces as they spend more time at home. 

Living spaces must be optimised for several adults and children to reside comfortably, with enough private space to play and work from home. The super rich also requires digitally connected, sustainable homes updated with the smartest appliances, state-of-the-art electronics, and entertainment equipment. 

Outside their homes, UHNWIs embrace the gated community and private club model, including country, yacht, and golf clubs filled with familiar faces and well-equipped with the most sought-after services, amenities, and activities. 

While the new generation of UHNWIs deeply resent surveillance capitalism, tracking, and selling of their data, protected environments such as villas, farms, ranches, islands, jets, and yachts have become the most favoured spaces post-pandemic for the latest cohort of UHNWIs. 

The new generation recognise that too much privacy and security can be isolating; thus, striking a fine balance is essential for them and their trusted advisors.

3 – Philanthropy and Giving Back

Philanthropy is a growing interest of UHNWIs, with more than half known to be actively involved in philanthropic giving, be it through their own charitable organisations or other means. As individuals become wealthier, they feel a greater obligation to engage with compassionate causes, notably as societal expectations of ‘giving back’ have risen admist financial inequality, global environmental issues and high-profile initiatives. 

Equally, this shift can be attributed to the increasing proportion of UHNW women among the audience – who are generally seen as more philanthropic – as opposed to an increasing interest in philanthropy among the traditional male UHNW cohort. 

According to Wealth-X 2022, education is the most popular theme for philanthropic giving, with almost eight in every 10 billionaires directing at least part of their philanthropic donations to this field, often by providing infrastructure, research endowments and scholarships. In addition, social services, healthcare and medical research, as well as arts and culture are also popular interests of UHNWIs. 

More than 10% of UHNWIs have also given or pledged money to Covid-19-related activities, according to the Wealth-X Database. Others have made non-monetary contributions, such as providing supplies of personal protective equipment. These individuals have been looked upon to step up during this crisis and contribute to global efforts to tackle the pandemic.

4 – Social Compassion 

UHNWIs, especially the younger generation, are increasingly focussing their wealth towards socially, ethically and environmentally conscious businesses, which could spur the growth of sustainable investments. The younger digitally native generations of UHNWs are strongly influencing family purpose, values, consumption, assets, and philanthropic projects toward changing the world to be a far better place, unlike any other generation. In fact, the increase in the levels of compassion is likely to be attributed to the growing numbers of females among the UHNW population. 

The Bank of America predicted last year that Millennials could spend between $15 trillion and $20 trillion on ESG investments in the U.S. in the next 20 to 30 years. According to investment research firm Morningstar, worries about climate change, in particular, are a big reason for this growing UHNWI interest. The Covid pandemic, too, has also been a wake-up call for many. 

With Millennials now responsible for the new wealth generation — and many more set to become recipients of the Great Wealth Transfer as baby boomers pass down their riches — that is set to pave the way for new sustainable investment options. 

Additionally, to serve the interests of UHNWs successfully, advisers must be able to help them plan for multi-generational wealth. While many Ultra-High-Net-Worth clients may frivolously spend their wealth within their lifetime, some ultra-wealthy investors display a heightened focus on using their wealth to create a family legacy or to make a positive impact, often leaving their assets to their children or grandchildren. Their portfolios may typically include private equity, hedge funds, emerging markets investments and property.

5 – Health and Wellness 

For the latest cohort of UHNWIs, exercise, nutrition, and wellness are now commodities. Of course, in a post-pandemic world, all have come into profound focus, and the ability to adopt a preventative rather than reactive approach to their health and wellness has become the gold standard of healthcare. 

The world’s wealthiest individuals seek to enhance their health span, not just their life span. These individuals not only want to live longer, but they want to guarantee that their years on earth are spent in good health and can make the most of their life. 

These highly informed and inquisitive individuals are interested in advanced surgery techniques, genetics, biomedicine, and other healthcare innovations. As a result, journeys of discovery to longevity innovation labs and clinics worldwide have since become far more common for the richest in society. The super rich not only wish to improve their own life but harbour as much passion for improving the health and wellness of others by investing in innovations that extend the quality and quantity of life for all. 

This revolutionary interest of UHNWIs has been demonstrated significantly in the yachting industry, with many of the world’s most impressive superyachts boasting state-of-the-art wellness centres, trained personal trainers, nurses and nutritionists, meaning yacht owners and guests can keep up with their health and wellness regime at sea. Likewise, super-prime property developers are also finding ways to target the interests of UHNWIs, building luxury real estate well-equipped with the necessary amenities to enhance one’s wellbeing. 
Contact Relevance’s specialists for advice on any of the UHNWI interests discussed and how to tailor your digital marketing strategy towards this new cohort of global, tech-savvy, and environmentally conscious UHNWIs.

Upcoming SEO trends for 2023

In the ever-changing landscape of SEO, it’s essential that marketing agencies remain ahead of the curve and implement the needed SEO updates in their marketing strategies. Here, we take a look at the 2023 SEO trends and updates that will rule the SEO industry in the next year. 

Upcoming SEO trends for 2023

AI and machine learning

If you haven’t already, it’s time to jump on the AI bandwagon. Machine learning and AI are predicted to make huge strides in 2023. 

AI is currently being used in various SEO sectors, including content optimisation, link building and keyword research. AI will continue to evolve and grow within the next year and although AI writing tools could potentially become a hit in 2023, it’s still crucial that marketers adhere to Google’s 2022 helpful content update which “ensures people see more original, helpful content written by people, for people, in search results”. This comes after the EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) concept was changed to include ‘experience’ as a ranking factor, making the acronym E-E-A-T. This means that Google now also “​​considers the extent to which the content creator has the necessary first-hand or life experience for the topic”. 

AI writing tools might become more advanced this year, but it’s crucial to remember that knowing your audience inside and out is still paramount. This remains the only way to ensure that your content will be well-received. Even with rapidly evolving AI, the human touch is still irreplaceable.

The rise of the featured snippet

Almost half of searches end without a click on the search engine results page. In 2022 we saw a huge rise in the number of widgets alongside organic results on the SERPS and 2023 promises to be no different. Google’s knowledge panel and Direct Answers are just some of the features that are contributing to zero-clicks. 

Targeting keywords that are specifically related to a SERP feature, like the featured snippet, will increase the chances of your content ranking on the SERPs. 

Featured snippets can take the form of how-to’s, FAQs, bulleted lists, or simply a single sentence. One way to ensure that your website is eligible for the featured snippet is to think carefully about the searcher, their intent, and how they’d search. It’s also important that you focus your content on question-based terms by using Google’s autocomplete or “People also ask” sections. You can then create content that is easily digestible and answers those queries in a clear and concise way. 

Online shopping

With online shopping at an all-time high, it looks like Google will shift to a better online shopping experience in 2023. By eliminating commission fees and making it free for businesses to sell their products, Google is already making it more enticing to shop on its platform. 

With its Shopping Graph (an AI-enhanced model that can understand different types of products and brands), Google implemented the ability to search for products using screenshots. If someone views a screenshot in Google photos, they can search the photo with the Lens feature to see where they can buy a product in the photo. 

Seeing as the Shopping Graph is trending for SEO in 2023, e-commerce businesses need to create keyword-rich product listings. Google is also prioritising mobile, which should be at the forefront of marketing strategies in 2023. The Shopping Graph considers things like:

  • Price
  • Reviews
  • Website
  • Videos
  • SKU and inventory data

Once again, online shopping comes down to the basics of creating quality content that meets the needs of the user in a fast and effective manner.

Video Marketing

Many consumers already rely on marketing videos to help them make purchasing decisions, especially in the luxury industry. With an increased number of people watching videos, it should be part of your SEO marketing strategy in 2023. With things like click markup and seek markup, Google is already rolling out features to enhance video on its platform. 

The click markup feature enables you to highlight key points of your video so that users can jump to those parts. You could, for instance, create a markup for each tip if you had a video about tips. 

The seek markup tells Google how your URL structure works. This then tells Google where the key moment in your video is and it can then display these moments automatically and link to a specific moment in your video.

Users spend more time on pages that include video, so making sure that more of your web pages include video is paramount. This will not only boost rankings but also traffic and engagement. Using keyword-rich and detailed markups provides you with more opportunities to rank in relevant searches and increase engagement with your videos.Relevance is a specialised full-service luxury digital marketing agency that excels at developing bespoke SEO strategies for the world’s leading luxury brands. If you would like a cutting-edge SEO strategy that implements the latest 2023 SEO trends then contact the experts at Relevance.

Relevance’s luxury marketing 2022 year in review

Relevance, and its specialist division Relevance Yacht, saw phenomenal success throughout 2022. We’ve welcomed some inspiring new clients, from start-ups to global powerhouses, and continued to help our existing clients grow their business with carefully planned marketing strategies. 

As we have grown, so too has our team and service offerings. We’ve bolted on several new services and hired new staff to keep up with our growing workload. 

Let’s take a look at our 2022 review and everything the Relevance team has accomplished!

Relevance’s 2022 review 

New clients 

Relevance was delighted to work with new and exciting clients in 2022, including established global brands and boutique start-ups. 

Our new clients cover a broad range of industries, including yachting, real estate, travel, interior design, skincare, fashion, and horology. All have the desire to target UHNWIs as their raison d’etre. Our diverse 2022 clients reached out to Relevance for a variety of marketing needs, from one-off projects to monthly support. 

We have signed with 20 new clients including

Aqua Santé, Altoo, Omniyat, Monaco Red Cross, La Prairie, Wearatec, Coûtant, Sialia, Kitson Yachts, Engel & Völkers Yachting, Coletti Real Estate, Luxoria , TJB Private Travel, and Jacques Zolty who sought Relevance’s audience profiling, branding, website design and build expertise, or 360° digital marketing services. 

Brands defined 

Our branding work is often where the marketing journey begins for our clients. It is at this point that we establish our clients’ niche, visual, and written identities. For Relevance’s creative team, our branding work sits at the core of everything we do, and it is where we truly get to know and connect with company founders and decision-makers. 

In 2022 our creative team worked on brand names, manifestos, messaging, tone of voice, logos, colours, and visuals for more than 10 clients.

These included:

Sialia – a fully-electric luxury yacht brand 

Wearatec – an exciting luxury brand that is innovating smart technology wearables for luxury watches

Jacques Zolty – a luxury resort wear brand from Saint Barth 

Coletti  – a Monegasque real estate agency

Our branding work has taken us to all corners of the globe, and we have loved working with every one of our fascinating entrepreneurial clients.

Websites designed and launched 

Our team had the opportunity to design and launch multiple websites in 2022 across a variety of industries, including yachting, luxury travel, and real estate. These sophisticated custom built websites boast a sophisticated design, a sleek  user-friendly experience, and tailored SEO, helping to enhance our clients’ online visibility while also boosting brand awareness. We launched more than 10 websites some including for Kitson Yachts, Engel & Volker Yachting, Coletti Real EstateTJB Private Travel, Luxoria, Jacques Zolty, and the charity Barbagiuans de Monaco.

New services 

As an agency, we are constantly evolving. Our 2022 review sees us adding 3 new services to reflect the changing digital marketing landscape. This year we were delighted to officially add video, luxury photography, and online reputation management to our roster of marketing services.

Our video content marketing service encapsulates pre-production to distribution, with everything completed in-house. We offer several styles of videos, including short-format designed for social media Stories, Reels, and TikToks, to longer-format videos, such as company showcases and video case studies. Despite this being a new service, our video content team has been incredibly busy, creating 131 Instagram Reels, 62 Tik Toks, 7 video case studies, and 4 corporate videos. 

Our luxury brand photography services are designed to beautifully capture a luxury brand services and products, reflecting the brand’s story, personality, values, and ethos. Photography services include product, lifestyle, and corporate photography. Relevance’s team manages every aspect, from creative conceptualisation to sourcing models, styling, location, and post production editing. 

Finally, Relevance’s online reputation management service is designed to help luxury brand’s control what information is readily available online via popular search engines. Our team do this through several techniques, including finding opportunities to improve rankings of positive content and bowling down negative search results. By managing a brand’s online reputation and by taking a proacitve approach to negative news we can help shape a positive online narrative and ensure a brand is presented in the best possible light. 

New employees 

With a growing roster of clients, we were thrilled to welcome 7 new team members. Joining the Relevance family this year were:

Lily – Social Media and Copy Specialist

Scarlett – Senior Account Manager

Kiri – Video Specialist 

Chris – Senior Graphic Designer 

Yuliya – Account Manager 

Priscilla – Account Manager

Angela – Marketing Manager

We also welcomed several new digital marketing interns; Perla, Dorin, Johanna, Smit, Ana, and Mariya, all working in the capacity of account executives to support our account managers and directors deliver flawless results to our clients. 

And finally, we welcomed back Ilze, our SEO Content specialist following the birth of her beautiful daughter! 

New partnerships 

In 2022 we forged several new partnerships, including with the International Yacht Brokers Association (IYBA) and the Monaco Economic Board (MEB).

The IYBA is the world’s largest yacht brokerage association, created in 1987 to unite those engaged in the yacht brokerage business. As a leading yacht marketing specialist, Relevance Yacht, is proud to be listed amongst the world’s most influential yacht service providers. 

The Monaco Economic Board represents the principality’s leading businesses. Established in 1999, the MEB actively promotes Monaco’s economic development, while supporting its members. 

Paid Media Campaigns

In 2022, Relevance ran more than 1,170 PPC campaigns on Google, Bing, and social media. Along with creating and monitoring performance, we also optimised them to ensure we delivered the best results for our clients while remaining within allocated budgets. 

Throughout the year we used a mixture of traditional campaign types such as Search or Display and tested several new ones, including Performance Max and Discovery campaigns in Google Ads. This enabled us to deliver enhanced results for one of our clients, allowing us to dramatically increase the number of conversions while also significantly reducing costs.

Compelling content 

Great content  and storytelling sits at the heart of many of our marketing campaigns. Boasting a deep understanding of the lifestyles and consumer habits of UHNWIs, the content that our team of writers craft is carefully developed to resonate and engage the world’s richest audiences. 

Looking at our 2022 year in review, our content team has written more than 800 editorial articles, blog posts and landing pages, helped several luxury brands develop their tone of voice, edited multiple video scripts, written copy for several new website launches, overseen the development of multiple press releases, and crafted attention grabbing copy for a glossy printed brochure. 

Headline grabbing PR results 

Our PR team has been incredibly busy throughout 2022 delivering exceptional results for our clients, helping to spark positive dialogue and secure coverage in some of the world’s most influential publications. 

Thanks to some clever pitches, our PR team has secured 18 covereage in renowned publications such as Time and Leisure and International Banker, The Independent for our clients St Tropez House, YACHTZOO, La Costa Monaco Properties and Chilli No. 5.

We have also had great success with press releases for our clients including YPI CREW, Artichoke, Worth Avenue Yachts, Chilli No. 5, and Quantum,  which have been picked up by numerous dedicated, niche or national media such as SuperyachtNews, English Living, The Food and Drink Network, Burnham Weekly, Luxury Lifestyle, Coin Tribune.

Additionally, our PR team organised a highly successful press trip during the 2022 Monaco Yacht Show for one of our yachting clients (confidential). Press included existing and new contacts from CEO magazine, Elle, The Guardian, Spears, and Fish Media which boasts many titles, including the prestigious  Mayfair Life, putting our client in-front of a huge targeted audience. 

Insightful Relevance articles and social posts 

We love keeping our followers engaged with scintillating content on our blog, across our social media platforms, and on partner sites. Our content is designed to keep our followers up to date with the latest luxury marketing trends and industry news. Our 2022 review shows that we posted 25 articles on the Relevance blog, 13 articles on the Relevance Yacht blog page, and published more than 20 articles on partner sites, including The Drum, and Forbes Monaco. 

Just some of our top performing articles for 2022 were: 

How To Grow Your Social Media Followers for Business in 2022

The Top Yacht Shows 2022

The Six Rules of Luxury Logo Design   

The Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends 2022 for Luxury Brands 

We also posted over 30 videos, which covered industry insights from our team of experts and audience profiling data. 

All of our marketing articles, along with other industry insights were shared courtesy of more than 530 social posts across Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.  


We were thrilled to finally say goodbye to Covid restrictions and the full return of in-person events. And, we made full use of it, attending 4 events throughout the year.

Events attended this year included: 

The Experiential Yachting Forum 

This inaugural event was held at the Monaco Yacht Club in April and was attended by Relevance’s PR Director, Muriel Penoty. The forum gave attendees an opportunity to learn about the latest yachting industry insights, while networking with key stakeholders. You can learn more insights about the 2022 event in our blog post here

The Cannes Yachting Festival and the Monaco Yacht Show

Attending the most influential yacht shows is always a highlight for the Relevance team, and staff from our London office flew into Monaco to attend these prestigious events. Both shows presented a superb opportunity to meet with clients, tour some of the finest superyachts, and learn about new innovations and trends in the yachting industry. During the Monaco Yacht Show we also held a series of highly successful workshops, covering social media, digital marketing, and CRM, which are available to view on our YouTube channel. Missed the yacht shows? Discover the top yacht trends of MYS & CYF 2022 in our blog. 

brighton SEO

Both members from the UK and the Monaco team enjoyed a further get-together during October’s brighton SEO where we upskilled our knowledge on all things SEO. With more than 120 talks, our team divided and conquered to attend as many as possible, and then pooled our knowledge to support our clients’ digital marketing strategies in 2023 and beyond. We then shared our knowledge with our followers across three articles: 100 key takeaways, the best content marketing takeaways, and the best SEO tips from brightonSEO 2022.  Relevance’s President and Founder, Rumble Romagnoli also gave a fascinating talk on how to create an air-tight keyword strategy. 

Charitable support 

This year we have helped 2 charitable organisations to raise funds for a good cause.

We helped Barbagiuans de Monaco define their identity, and designed and developed their website in 3 languages (English, French, and Italian). Barbagiuans de Monaco helps Monaco and international-based charities including Fight Aids by organising fund-raising sporting events. This year, the famous Fight Aids Cup was held at the Louis II Stadium in Monaco.

This year was also the fourth year in a row that we continued to support CLub Vivanova, which helps to raise funds for several different charities every year. This year Club Vivanova helped Chances for Children Foundation, the Borneo Wildlife Preservation, and Mimosa. As well as providing ongoing support, Relevance also offered a lot – a brand identity discover session worth 6,000 euros – for the auction during the Club Vivanova 2022 Charity Gala. We hoped you enjoyed reading our 2022 review! If you are a luxury brand and need support with your marketing needs in 2023 and beyond, then contact the team at Relevance. We are the leading luxury marketing agency and excel at delivering results-driven campaigns for brands wishing to target the world’s richest audiences.

How to market to billionaires

Wondering how to market to billionaires? You’ll need a highly tailored campaign and a deep understanding of the habits and behaviours of this unique audience. 

Billionaires are the most niche audience in the world, making them an incredibly challenging audience for marketers to reach. 

People like Elon Musk, King Salman, and Jack Ma belong to a select group of only 3,311 billionaires on the planet. This highly exclusive audience is made up of 87% men and 13% women, and the top cities for billionaires to live in are New York, Hong Kong, and San Francisco; however, Kuwait City has the most billionaires per capita.

These business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, royals, philanthropists, creatives, and sporting heroes like to read business, tech, and scientific news such as Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Recode, and The Verge. But, marketing to billionaires through media campaigns alone would be a mistake because they are primarily influenced by recommendations from their peers, family, and people they trust. 

So, how do you market to the super rich in a way that resonates with them? Here, our experts share some tips on the best ways to target the world’s most exclusive audience. 

How to market to billionaires 

Targeting billionaires 

In the world of ultra-luxury marketing, a wild story told by the right people is what you need most of all when marketing to billionaires. But, once the story is established, effective methods for boosting reach include direct buys, take-overs, experiences, podcasts, and digital PR, formats where the story can be told deeply and authentically.

Take the Core Club in Manhattan as an example. The club was founded in 2005 by 100 founding peers, including Stephen Roth, Vivi Nevo, and Abi Rosen, each investing US$100,000. 

When any new member, such as Bill Clinton and Tory Burch, want to join, in addition to the $50,000 joining fee they must also be recommended by one of the original founding members. This ensures that the club retains its ethos of co-creation and a warm-hearted personal touch that is only possible when all members feel on an equal footing. The spirit of recommendation is woven into the very product itself. 

Even so, a brand needs to control who has the right to recommend or even purchase, as an endorsement from an undesirable with the wrong values can stop a hot property in its tracks. 

A Hermes Birkin bag, for example, costs tens of thousands of dollars but is only available to verified VIP customers, ensuring that it feels like a prize even to the wealthiest. Even more importantly, this protects the brand from ‘inappropriate’ advocates who may contradict the brand’s values. 

In its digital presence, an ultra-luxury brand also needs to move in the right circles, for the few, not the many. Look to active and secure social platforms like LinkedIn, Medium, Telegram, Discord, and customer apps, as well as the swathe of new, verified ‘for good’ social media platforms coming in 2023, such as WeAre8 and Wunder.

Marketing to billionaires; audience profiles 

Marketing to billionaires sometimes defies logic. It’s impossible to curate audiences based on characteristics like interest, age, gender, or even profession. 

Billionaire audiences need to be hand-picked. And, once assembled, they are full of anomalies, without clear clusters and below the size required for statistical viability. 

Add to that a billionaire’s penchant for unique experiences and products and a quest to feel an emotional response in a world where they’ve seen and done it all. 

Products don’t need to be cost-effective or replicable en-masse when their main goal is to be astonishing and unmatchable. Likewise, audiences don’t need to be statistically viable as long as you know how to read the signals and insights they emit. It’s an art as much as a science. 

How to sell to billionaires; authenticity is vital 

With billionaires, authenticity is vital. Remember that a brand’s actions speak louder than its words. The most important thing marketers can do is look right to the core of their products and weave the stories into them, then whisper them into the right circles. 

Yes, we start with data, we observe the audience members, and then use our imagination to dream up product features such as the Ludicrous Mode setting on a Tesla, the diamond-encrusted interior of a Rolls Royce, and the underwater luxury hotel Lovers Deep, which is actually a submarine which sits below the waves off the coast of St Lucia. Not stories about products but stories within products.

Even better (from a billionaire’s point of view) than a thrilling rarity is one with a true purpose, and the prize for nailing this story goes to Space Perspectives. 

It is hoped that the trip will accelerate the sustainability and climate change efforts of the world’s wealthiest when they view how fragile our planet looks from outer space. There is no greenwashing here; it’s the core proposition, and it is catnip to billionaires, with all flights sold out until 2024.

Advertising to billionaires; collaborations and partnerships

Ultra-luxury brands can attain that familiar feeling of recommendation by conducting collaborations and partnerships with other brands and even with customers. When considering how to market to billionaires, the vital ingredient is aligned values. 

For example, the Yacht club de Monaco only accepts members who balance maritime heritage and progressive values with environmental preservation and must be endorsed by two sponsors and approved by Prince Albert II, the club’s president. 

With pinnacle commissioning projects, such as the 71-metre superyacht JUICE commissioned by an avid art collector and delivered in April 2022, and the $2 billion ‘Antilia’ residence in Mumbai commissioned by Mukesh Ambani, the customer can get so involved in the vision of the product that it could be viewed as an equal partnership, but should never assume a master and servant dynamic. 

Any company can take an order from a billionaire, but it takes a true master of a field to challenge and raise the billionaire’s sights beyond their own imagination. 

One of the characteristics of such a massive-scale commission is the wait time. For example, a superyacht takes three to four years to commission, design, and build. Leveraged correctly, the production period can intensify the feeling of scarcity and anticipated pleasure for the billionaire.

Keeping the attention of billionaires

Do you want billionaires to pay attention to your products? It won’t be enough to create a retrospective campaign about a product. The campaign is the product – it must hit all the right notes of rarity, firsts, a personal story, recommendation, social accountability, and authentic values from a reputable brand recommended by the right trusted source

Once these elements are in place, you can amplify the story in the right circles using deep storytelling formats such as direct buys, takeovers, podcasts, partnerships, collaborations, secure networking, and experiences that continue through the user journey. 

Remember, when targeting billionaires appealing to the right people also means carefully excluding the wrong people, so a standard luxury or mass marketing model won’t work.

Relevance is a full-service luxury digital marketing agency specialising in marketing to the world’s wealthiest audiences. We work with some of the world’s most luxurious brands, delivering results-driven campaigns with measurable results. Contact us today for a consultation about your ultra-luxury brand and how to market to billionaires.  

The top social media strategies & trends for 2023

Social media is one of the fastest-growing industries, making it a top marketing tool for many luxury businesses seeking to reach and engage with existing and new audiences. 

The different social media channels and platforms are constantly evolving and introducing new features, so social media strategies must be flexible to stay ahead of the curve. 

These evolving social media features present an excellent opportunity for marketers to grow their audience and reach new potential customers. But how can luxury brands grow their social media presence, and what are the latest social media trends that marketers need to watch out for in 2023? 

While social media strategies for 2022 focused on TikTok and social commerce, looking ahead to 2023, we can already see a shift in trends that luxury brands need to keep in mind.

Short-form videos and Tik Tok

A crucial element of social media strategies for 2023 will be short-form videos – Reels and TikTok. According to reports, short-form videos and Reels were amongst the most liked and viewed posts of 2022. Short-form videos have become a widespread phenomenon with younger audiences, which usually are the demographic that drives the latest social media trends. In 2023, we expect more businesses to understand the importance of short-form videos and embrace the premise of social content as entertainment rather than just advertising. 


Aside from video content, authenticity is slowly becoming a critical success factor for social media platforms. In an era of overly edited images and videos, authenticity and real-time posts are requirements, not expectations. The perfect example of this is the growing popularity of TikTok and BeReal, which proves that audiences prefer real, relatable personalities and situations. This social media trend is slowly overcoming traditional filtered ‘Insta’ content.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years, creating exciting social media marketing opportunities for luxury brands of all sizes. This social media trend will become even more important in 2023. 

Luxury businesses are now realising the unbeatable voice of influencers and want to make them a part of their social media marketing strategy. Influencer marketing helps luxury brands to generate leads, expand their reach, and engage with UHNWIs. The perfect influencer marketing strategy will be either a mix of micro and macro-influencers or focusing on smaller influencers only. The reason for this is the fact that macro-influencers have a vast number of followers but are more difficult to interact with, while micro-influencers have smaller audiences but a higher rate of engagement and will have a better return on investment, as long as they are suited to the relevant industry. 


Engagement is the key to running a successful social media strategy. However, now the algorithms also want interaction. Platforms have created new ways for content creators and brands to connect with their followers. For example, the reaction stickers on Instagram, the Q&A on Stories and Reels, and the TikTok video stitching feature (this is a creation tool that allows you to combine the video you are creating with another video on TikTok). These exciting social media tools allow businesses to establish organic and real interaction with their followers, ensuring they feel heard and valued.

Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

Another big change we have seen in the social media sphere has been the integration of more highly developed virtual reality and artificial intelligence technologies. 

While WeChat started this trend years ago with virtual dressing rooms, the trend has officially reached Europe with the introduction of “Candy”. 

After Louis Vuitton and Gucci first started playing with Non Fungible Tokens in the Metaverse, Italian luxury brand Prada landed the latest coup by integrating VR into their digital presence. “Candy” is the latest muse for the brand’s iconic perfume and comes with her own personality and surrounding pink universe. 

“Candy is both a digital creation and a philosophy,” says her creator Nicolas Winding Refn. 

Candy perfectly captures what luxury’s latest target group, the tech-oriented Gen-Z, is seeking. It is a level between digital and physical, perfection and relatability as well as omnichannel strategy. While the tangible aspect of luxury marketing will probably never disappear, the chances lying in combining it with VR and AI elements are endless and present some of the greatest social media opportunities of the coming years.Relevance is a luxury digital marketing agency that manages the social media accounts of some of the world’s most exciting luxurious brands. If you own a luxury brand and need a bespoke social media strategy to grow your audience, contact the social media marketing experts at Relevance today.

The power of influencer marketing in 2022

Influencer marketing has experienced unprecedented growth over the last five years, creating exciting opportunities for brands of all sizes. In fact, according to the Influencer Marketing Hub, the global influencer market was valued at $6.5 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $16 billion by the end of 2022. 

The widespread use of social media platforms, the prevalence of mobile and the ever-increasing demand for digital content have been the driving force of influencer marketing in 2022 as more brands seek to find ways to market directly to their target audience.

Influencers have an unbeatable voice when it comes to mobile digital marketing, helping brands expand their reach and generate leads. This makes an influencer marketing strategy a valuable choice for luxury brands seeking to reach and engage with UHNWIs. 

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a powerful digital marketing strategy that involves a brand collaborating with an online influencer to market one of its products or services. It uses the concept of celebrity endorsement and places it into a modern-day content-driven marketing campaign.

However, influencer marketing in 2022 doesn’t just involve celebrities. Instead, it revolves around an individual who has worked to grow their following and become an authority in their niche. Be it a popular fashion photographer on Instagram or a respected marketing director on LinkedIn; these figures have the power to affect the purchasing decisions and behaviours of others because of their authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with their audience.

Why should you invest in influencer marketing in 2022?

According to Oberlo, the number of social media users amounted to 3.6 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach 4 billion by the end of 2022. Gen Z is the age group that most actively engages with brands on social media, with 86% of them using platforms like Instagram or TikTok to discover new brands. 

With social media platforms progressively evolving into real shopping spaces, brands are utilising influencer marketing strategies to reach and connect with new audiences. With 86% of consumers looking for advice and recommendations from social media influencers to help them with their purchasing decisions, most brands should plan to create an influencer marketing strategy in 2023. 

What are the benefits of influencer marketing in 2022?

Collaborating with macro-influencers with more than 200,000 followers is an effective way to help your brand expand its visibility and overall reach. Influencer marketing in 2022 has the power to generate digital conversation by creating engaging and interactive content that can help to boost online conversions. Influencers with a global online presence also enable brands to enter and trial new markets quickly and cost-effectively.  

Influencer marketing in 2022 is a highly cost-effective strategy. Brands can partner strategically with industry-relevant influencers and save time and costs when segmenting and targeting the market while driving targeted traffic to the sites faster and more effectively.  

Influencer marketing is also a superb way to build brand trust and authenticity. Data from Hootsuite shows that consumers are 2.4 times more likely to view user-generated content as authentic than content created by brands. In fact, 75% of marketers are working with influencers who align with their values to improve consumers’ expectations and loyalty (Tinuiti).

Finally, as social commerce increases in popularity, influencer marketing in 2022 is ultimately a great way to boost sales. With social media platforms becoming more sophisticated, influencers can include links to online shops in their videos or posts and convert users into buyers.  

Monaco influencers leading the way

To maximise the power of the influencer marketing strategy, brands need to ensure they are meeting the interests and expectations of their audience. Understanding the demographics and psychographics of the influencer’s following is critical to reach the brand’s targeted audience. Whether they be mega (over 1 million), macro (over 100,000), or micro (1,000 to 100,000), influencers are a valuable addition to any digital marketing strategy.

With this in mind, we’ve researched some of the most powerful influencer marketing strategies in 2022 to find the biggest influencers that offer real authenticity. Read on to discover our favourite Monaco influencers that you should add to your social network. 

@Victoriabonya – 9.1M

Victoria Bonya is a hugely successful Russian lifestyle blogger, celebrity, and star of a famous TV reality show. She climbed to fame after her appearance on the 2006 TNT Russian reality show, Dom-2. Victoria now resides in Monaco and predominantly promotes her fashion brand and hosts a successful TV programme which interviews many famous athletes. Victoria has also hosted the Cosmopolitan programme and appeared on various magazine covers, including Maxim and the Russian magazine Penthouse. 

Victoria is a frequent guest on the red carpet at film festivals and other famous events, including the Monaco Yacht Show and the Monaco Grand Prix.

@tocestyle – 1M

Antoniya Toneva is a Monte-Carlo and French Riviera-based full-time social media content creator and style influencer. She is also the founder of the swimsuit brand Freeze the Breeze and a fashion consultant. Antoniya shares daily insights about her luxurious Monaco lifestyle and her entrepreneurship journey.

She loves sharing fashion and beauty tips with her audience and showing them her everyday favourite items and brands via Instagram posts, stories and video content. Antoniya travels the world, attending events such as Monaco Fashion Week, the World Blogger Awards and Dior beauty events.

@ Olga_lavric – 1M

Olga Lavric is one of the many content creators giving hundreds of thousands of followers a unique glimpse of what life looks like in the glamorous Principality of Monaco. Olga Lavric is a fashion influencer who started her entrepreneurial career by creating her blog, Colourful Buttons, back in 2015. 

Olga’s success comes from her talent for capturing the beauty of Monaco. Here, influencers can create the most unique and beautiful content creation from breathtaking views, fabulous architecture, turquoise sea and white beaches, hotels, and luxury cars in the background. She was also recently nominated for the World’s Blogger Award in 2020, a Cannes event celebrating pioneering influencers.

@ Tomclaeren – 616k

Located in Monte Carlo, Tom Claeren is a young entrepreneur who owns a luxury goods and high-tech audio-visual company. Over the past three years, Tom has specialised in private cinema designs and creations with a target demographic of clientele and successful partner brands that appeal to high-end luxury, including Chopard, Louis Vuitton, Dom Pérignon and Montblanc. Tom’s evident talent for photography and cinema led to the creation of his lifestyle blog and digital magazine,, which launched in 2014. 

Tom officially became a partner and ambassador for Monte-Carlo SBM in 2016, a leader in hospitality in the principality and around the globe. Since then, Tom has travelled the world, participating in exclusive experiences and services, including the Monaco Yacht Show, Monte Carlo Formula 1 Grand Prix and International Cannes Film Festival. – 237k 

Lauren Amiri, better known as the LA way, is a luxury fashion, travel and lifestyle content creator based in Monaco. Lauren spends her time between London and Monaco, focusing most of her content on her lavish life in the principality. Lauren’s immaculate styling and elegant aesthetics have seen her loyal following grow. In 2020, Lauren started her fashion brand, Aavelle, designed to create a timeless, interchangeable and ageless wardrobe.

Lauren is a frequent guest of some of the most exclusive hotels and resorts worldwide, including Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, Carlton Hotel Saint Moriz and Berkeley London.

Aligning your digital marketing strategy with the appropriate influencer is a highly effective strategy to improve brand awareness and exposure, reach your target audience, build brand authority and trust, as well as boost sales. Relevance can guide you through this, offering a superb network of luxury lifestyle influencers in Monaco and beyond. Contact our team to find out more about influencer marketing in 2022.

Brighton SEO 100 key takeaways 

The best brightonSEO takeaways 

The search conference brightonSEO might be over for another year, but the ideas and knowledge learned will help the team at Relevance roll out impactful campaigns for our clients.

Spanning two actioned-packed days, brightonSEO is one of the world’s largest SEO conferences, featuring 120 talks by leading industry experts.

We summarised 100 brightonSEO takeaways – have a look and feel free to download our full document below:


BrightonSEO takeaways: Content marketing and branding

  1. It’s not possible to calculate the full return on investment when it comes to content. A common-sense approach is required. 
  1. Content cannot not bring value if it gets traffic and talks about your product.
  1. Before developing any content, gauge its search traffic potential, business potential, ranking difficulty, and the effort and resources required.


Social media and video content 

  1. Content isn’t king anymore. Instead, it’s the emotion that you are selling with your content. Videos are perfect at conveying emotion, therefore more if not all marketing should be video-first.
  1. Short content is on the rise. The big social media platforms are investing in short formats by offering content creators high shares of advertising fees to create even more short content.
  1. Platforms monetise the tools they offer. Marketers should always be on the front lines of testing new tools and features as they promise high engagement and trending content.


BrightonSEO takeaways: E-commerce marketing 

  1. Optimising PDPs (product detail pages) is the first crucial step for successful e-commerce as it drives conversion. Indeed, 81% of consumers remember PDP.
  1. The best strategy for e-commerces using Amazon and other marketplaces is to filter products by keywords.
  1. Don’t forget to add at least one relevant keyword to each product specification section – specifically, in the six descriptive bullet points on Amazon PDPs.


Review management

  1. Check what customers or potential customers think of you. Type your brand name + reviews on Google to understand your starting point.
  1. Choose a relevant platform to generate reviews. If it is good to have feedback on different websites, it is even better to have multiple reviews on a platform that really matters to your audience.
  1. Don’t be scared to ask for reviews: customers are more likely to leave a positive comment if asked. Be friendly and make sure you make it easy for your customers to leave feedback. But above all, be sure it’s the right timing when requesting feedback.


Google Analytics 4 

  1. Don’t fear Google Analytics 4. GA4 helps give clarity between users and sessions and makes data analysis easier to understand. 
  1. GA4 can analyse helpful content, allows for important integrations, and allows for cross-platform app analytics. 
  1. With server-side GTM, GA4 enables teams to track events and conversions in a server-side environment, bypassing browsers and privacy implementations. 


SEO & technical SEO

  1. To avoid keyword gap fear understand your potential customers, know the competition better than they know themselves, and be ready to immediately adapt. Research your digital space and who else is appearing there. 
  1. Always be aware when doing keyword research that people use different names for the same stuff and the meaning of words can change depending on countries and cultures. 
  1. Explore what content is current and what people want to know. This will help you understand the desires of your audience. 


Digital PR  

  1. Create your client’s wish list, and source the journalists on Twitter, or directly on the magazine’s website. Subscribe to their Twitter account so you can receive their email alerts or requests when they send one out.
  1. Make sure you only send journalists PRs that are relevant to what they write about.
  1. Be quick to react to any email/journalist alert and be mindful of deadlines. 



Download the full document by filling the form below:

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The best SEO tips from brightonSEO 2022

October’s 2022 brightonSEO has just wrapped up, offering fascinating insights into the latest trends surrounding search and search engine optimisation. Our recent article explored some of the top content marketing takeaways from brightonSEO. Here we explore some of our favourite SEO insights. 

Best SEO tips from brightonSEO 2022

How to create an air-tight keyword strategy: Rumble Romagnoli, founder and president of Relevance 

Romagnoli reminded SEO specialists that one of the most important things they can do is to create an airtight process for keyword research. This process should be followed every time you need to research keywords, whether it’s for a new website, a new product, or a new marketing campaign. 

Creating an air-tight SEO strategy begins with finding your true competitors, Romagnoli said. These are the websites that rank for the same keywords as your site and you’ll need to beat in order to rank higher in search engines. Once you’ve found your competitors, you’ll need to input their data into a spreadsheet or database.  From there, you’ll need to do some spreadsheet legwork to create a unique list of organic keywords with rankings data for all of your online competitors. 

Once you have this data, you can start to transform it into SEO insights. These insights will help you to defend your current position in the market, expand into new areas, and win market share from your competitors. By following this process, you’ll be able to create a comprehensive keyword research strategy to help you dominate your market.

Here’s how to categorise your keywords based on your competition. 

1 – The first step in our strategy is to defend. This is the point where you need to find your best-performing keywords by identifying where you have high visibility but where you will need to work to keep your edge. To do so, you need to check the position of the keyword and select the ones appearing the highest in the search. 

2 – The next step is to expand your list of keywords by identifying and prioritising keyword gaps where you do not appear. Check the keywords used by your competitors for which you do not have a great position. 

3 – Lastly, find the key opportunities by picking out the highest volume keywords that few of your competitors rank for. In this way, you would use unique keywords with a high search volume, for which the competition is low, and therefore you can easily rank highly.

Download Relevance’s keyword mixes and competitor research templates and follow Romagnoli’s steps to an air-tight SEO strategy. 

How To Avoid International SEO Mistakes: Tom Brennan, account director at Adapt Worldwide

International SEO is the process of optimising your website so that search engines can easily identify which countries you want to target and which languages you use for business. Brennan reminded attendees that what worked in one market will not work in other markets.

Simply translating your content will not work or will have very little impact. Each country will have a common language with different meanings, which needs to be researched, understood, and taken into account or you can expect lower engagement and lower visibility.

Moreover, Brennan indicated finding a significant disparity in search volumes when taking the localised vs non-localised approach. Also, finding more topics to target and bigger ROI overall. 

Your search competitors will differ from one market to the next and from one language to the next.

It is, therefore, essential to understand your local search competitors for this new market. Brennan also recommended conducting a competitive SWOT analysis for this market so you can better understand your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

Hreflang tags are central to an international SEO strategy, Brennan noted. Without Hreflang search engines like Google will not know who to deliver the content to and which country or in which language and might even deliver the wrong page or not consider your site as a relevant source.

What are Hreflang tags? The Hreflang attribute (also referred to as rel=”alternate” hreflang=”x”) tells Google which language you are using on a specific page, so the search engine can serve that result to users searching in that language.

It may sound pretty straightforward, but Hreflang requires a meticulous and thorough approach, and when deployed on large enterprise sites, it requires a high degree of organisation. 

Machine Learnings Use Cases for Tech SEO: Patrick Stox, product advisor and technical SEO at Ahrefs

According to Stox, machine learning is increasingly used in SEO to help make tasks easier, faster, and better. Here are some SEO insights from Stox’s brightonSEO 2022 talk and examples of how machine learning is being used to automate SEO tasks: 

  • Forecasting with GA and GSC: Machine learning can be used to predict future trends based on data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console. This can be helpful for forecasting traffic and identifying potential keywords to target. 
  • Summarisation of meta descriptions: AI can be used to automatically summarise meta descriptions, saving time and effort. However, the quality of the summaries can vary, so it’s essential to review them before publishing.
  • Automating redirects: Redirects can be a time-consuming task, but machine learning can be used to automate the process. This includes matching redirects based on user intent, which can improve the user experience. 
  • Keyword clustering: Machine learning can be used to group similar keywords together, which can be helpful for targeting purposes. 
  • Machine translation: Translation is another time-consuming task that can be automated with machine learning. This can be helpful for translating content into different languages for international audiences. 
  • Automating Hreflang: Hreflang is a complicated task, but machine learning can be used to automate the process. This can help ensure that the correct version of a page is served to users in different countries. 
  • Anomaly detection: Anomalies can be detected and flagged automatically with machine learning. This can help identify potential issues with a website’s traffic or Rankings. 
  • Generate schema: Schema can be automatically generated with machine learning, saving time and effort. 
  • Generate alt text: Alt text can also be generated automatically with machine learning. However, the quality of the alt text can vary, so it’s important to review it before publishing. 
  • Image creation: Machine learning can be used to create images, which can help create things like infographics or product images.
SEO testing: what you can do when you really want to find out what works for SEO, Martijn Scheybeler, VP of marketing at RVshare

If you want to know if a certain change will impact your website ranking, you need to test it. This process is called SEO experimentation. By testing, you can compare the adjusted side with the original side. However, it’s essential to remember that what works consistently among different sites may not work for your site. This is why it’s important to have a hypothesis and analyse the results. 

When it comes to SEO testing, less is more, Scheybeler reminded attendees at brightonSEO 2022. Test just one area at a time so that you can isolate the results. Additionally, you should divide your traffic into four equal parts, not two. This will give you a more accurate picture of what’s happening. Finally, always do a pre- and post-analysis to see how your changes impacted your website. 

There are a few different ways to test your website. A/B testing is one way. This involves showing two different versions of your website to two different groups of people. The version that performs better is the one you should keep. 

Another way to test your website is by internal linking. This is where you use software to analyse linking opportunities. By doing this, you can see which links are helping your website rank and which links are not. 

Finally, Scheybeler suggested that you can also create an HTML sitemap. This is a DIY way to test your website. By creating a sitemap, you can see how well your website is organised and identify any areas that need improvement.

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Relevance is a leading full-service luxury digital marketing agency that provides exceptional SEO insights fused with local SEO best practices to boost brand awareness, power audience engagement, and help luxury brands achieve global growth. Contact us today.

brightonSEO 2022: The best content marketing takeaways

The Relevance team was thrilled to attend October’s brightonSEO 2022 conference – one of the largest SEO conferences in the world.

The conference features leading industry experts covering SEO, content marketing, social media, digital PR, and branding, delivering more than 120 presentations across two incredible days.

Relevance divided and conquered, with a well-planned strategy that enabled the team to attend as many talks as possible. We then pooled our knowledge to ensure that we remain knowledgeable and up-to-date on the latest SEO trends to deliver incredible results for our clients.

Here are some of our top content marketing and branding takeaways.

brightonSEO 2022 content takeaways

Content marketing ROI

In his talk, The Elusive ROI of Content Marketing, Tim Soulou, chief marketing officer and product advisor at Ahrefs, challenged brightonSEO 2022 attendees to consider how they can genuinely measure content’s return on investment.

Content marketing ROI is challenging to measure as multiple resources are involved, and measuring every outcome is not always possible. The value of content includes leads, conversions, and sales, but it also includes retention, re-activation, and revenue expansion. Finally, content can help with word-of-mouth, brand awareness, paid acquisition, thought leadership, hiring and onboarding, and customer support.

While some aspects can be measured, such as leads and sales, a common-sense approach is required. Soulou noted that content cannot not bring value if it gets traffic and talks about your product.

Suggestions for developing a high content marketing ROI include:

–   Gauging search traffic potential

–   Business potential

–   Ranking difficulty

–   And, finally, the effort and resources required.

Marketers should then consider whether to write a new article, update an underperforming article, or re-write a non-performing article. Soulou noted that blog articles, followed closely by YouTube videos, remain among the most popular content formats.

Content strategy

What is content strategy? According to Sam Colebrook, content strategy director at iCrossing UK, content strategy is the ongoing process of transforming business objectives and goals into a plan that uses content as a primary means of achieving those goals.

In Colebrook’s talk at brightonSEO 2022, Content Prioritisation: Approaching Infinite Opportunities with Finite Resources, Colebrook looked at what’s stopping digital content strategy and how organisations can implement one. He noted that 40% of marketers do not have a documented digital content strategy.

Aspects that are stopping content strategy include:

–   Organisational structure; not understanding where your content strategy sits in your organisational structure

–   Channel silo; not aligning the content between departments

–   Time; the bigger the business, the harder it is to find the time

–   Documentation; the purpose and intent behind the content

–   Tools and resources; organisations must dedicate and invest time in developing the right tools and resources.

To develop a content prioritisation model, organisations must build a content prioritisation model that bridges the gap between strategy and execution. This includes:

–   Identifying what value the content will bring to a brand’s product, audience, and key stakeholders

–   Exploring how much effort it will take, including the cost of research, writing, and other assets, such as images and video

–   And whether the content will be visible to the right people. For example, will it rank highly, is it evergreen, and does it align with the brand’s overall promotional plan?

By following a streamlined scoring system that evaluates content based on a content prioritisation model, you can ensure the entire team is on the same page and that there is a shared understanding of what valuable content is in your business.

Content management

Anna Gregory-Hull, head of SEO at Snaptrip, explored how to get more traffic with less content at brightonSEO 2022. 

According to Gregory-Hull, most sites have too many pages, causing a content management headache. A large number of pages requires significant content management resources and crawl budget. It also risks cross-site duplication and keyword cannibalisation.

She suggests that content marketers look at reducing content through five key stes:

1 Gathering data on current published content

2 Exploring historical traffic, backlinks, and future potential

3 Identifying content cannibalisation

4 Making a keep, re-direct, and delete list

5 And finally, continually monitoring and adjusting.

Gregory-Hull reminded attendees at brightonSEO 2022 of Google’s latest Helpful Content update, and that content marketers must always have in mind people-first content. By removing unhelpful content, marketers can help improve the rankings of other content on the site.

She concluded that once marketers have less content to manage, they have more time to focus on content that adds value and other areas of digital marketing. This includes SEO content strategy, internal link building, page structure and templates, page speed, and image optimisation.


Brand voice strategist, Bethany Joy, gave an insightful talk on the Nine immutable Laws of Brand Voice’ underpinning the importance of branding. The nine laws are:

1  Tone of voice is not optional; it’s inevitable. Your choice of words paints a picture of your organisation

2  Your tone of voice needs to be derived from what you are like, not what you believe. It must be based on your brand’s personality traits

3  Tone of voice must be rooted in reality. It must be authentic

4  Tone of voice is more about the speaker than the listener

5  Tone of voice is not only for the marketing team; it must be consistent across all touchpoints

6  Tone of voice won’t make bad writers good; it can only teach good writers how to write in a particular style

7  Tone of voice is more than simply the sum of a lot of great copy

8  Tone of voice doesn’t mean you don’t need great copy

9  And finally, tone of voice is at its best when no one notices it. Remember, words give your customer a window into your brand.

Artificial intelligence content creation 

Artificial intelligence content creation was a hot topic at brightonSEO 2022.

Veteran digital marketer and ex-agency owner, Matt Bennett, and content marketing specialist, Katie Thompson, discussed AI’s role in their respective talks; Do the Public Trust AI Writing and Content writers; Will AI Take Your job?

Bennett’s talk gave a fascinating insight into whether or not the public trust AI content. According to his research, 65% of companies already use some form of AI content creation and 29% have used it on a project.

Text prediction algorithms are a form of AI content creation that many content marketers already use, but full AI article creation has limits. For example, AI has issues differentiating fact from fiction, it is often outdated, with information based on the last crawl, and there is often a context shift; the words make sense, but the angle is lost. AI has no original ideas, as it can only re-purpose content that has already been published. Additionally, AI can’t check facts, it can’t do live content, and it can’t write to house style – at least, not yet.

The limits of AI must be considered carefully, especially considering Google’s Helpful Content update, which prioritises content that adds value.

Bennett’s research showed that only 18% of the public would trust content published by an AI content writer. However, when Bennett used a sample of content written by AI and cheap human writers – the AI content was rated slightly higher on engagement, trust, and knowledge. But, when Bennett used specialist writers and switched to a more informed audience, the gap shifted, with content developed by human writers ranked higher.

So, where can AI help? Thompson noted that AI can help with editing, ideation, and translation.

AI content creation should be used with caution, however. Content should be created by humans for humans. Thompson highlighted that if everyone relies on AI, the web will be just filled with unoriginal content.

She noted that the future might see a shift to content writers focusing more of their time on ideation and editing and that content marketers must not ignore the benefits of AI to complement existing skills. Most importantly, she highlighted to the attendees of brightonSEO 2022 that sooner or later, Google will be able to detect AI content, which may impact ranking.Relevance is a luxury digital marketing agency that targets the world’s wealthiest audiences. Our team includes branding and content marketing experts who can help define your brand’s content marketing strategy and execute it in line with industry best practices. Contact us and learn how we deliver incredible results for the world’s most luxurious brands.

Luxury Marketing Trends Brands Can’t Ignore Post-Pandemic

The significant lifestyle changes that resulted from COVID-19 have contributed to the development of new social values and trends in online behaviour and consumer preferences. While life slowly returns to normal, there will undoubtedly continue to be – lasting effects across social, economic, digital, and behavioural aspects of life. These changes mean that brands must rethink how they market to customers and find new ways to build loyalty. 

Brands and their marketing teams can leverage these luxury marketing trends to revise and improve their luxury brand marketing strategies. Considering your consumers behaviours and actions post-pandemic will ensure that your marketing efforts are relevant and will produce a positive ROI. Read on below for the 4 post-covid luxury marketing trends brands can’t ignore. 

Ecommerce is crucial to brand success 

As a result of the pandemic, one of the largest luxury marketing trends we saw was the rise of Ecommerce. In fact, the luxury Ecommerce trend was so great that global Ecommerce sales rose to nearly $4.28 trillion, with almost $432 billion generated in the US. Between 2019 and 2021, retail platforms reported a surge of 22 billion visits in June, up from 16 billion visits just five months earlier, according to Statista. 

Despite lockdowns ending, Charged Retail reported that online sales broke records by reaching £10 billion in July 2021 as 40% of people in the UK chose to shop from home rather than visit a physical store. Luxury brand Ecommerce continues to grow even after the introduction of mass vaccinations and the return to everyday life. 

Whether you implement Ecommerce directly on your brand website, through social media or on a third-party site, optimising your luxury brand’s Ecommerce offering will generate more leads and sales in a new digital era. 

Content marketing for luxury brands 

Throughout the pandemic, individuals spent more time online than ever before. While brick-and-mortar establishments were closed for some time, customers took to the internet to find online resources that would replace their in-person experiences. With this, there is now ample opportunity to extend the value of your brand by refining your content marketing strategy.

Consider using this new content marketing for luxury brands opportunity to create or improve website content or even get creative with new marketing channels to promote what’s relevant to your consumers. It is also important to align your strategy with what they are searching for and engaging with, such as instructional “how-to” videos or virtual events. Staying abreast with luxury marketing trends can help promote brand awareness and contribute to a more unique brand experience.

Short-form video content – less than 10 minutes long – was growing in popularity before the pandemic hit. However, the pandemic has served as a catalyst for massive growth of the vertical, as 84% of consumers cited spending more time watching short-form videos during the pandemic than before, with many using these quick videos to help them adjust to and cope with disruptions to everyday life. 

Since lockdown restrictions were set in place, more than two-thirds of consumers in the U.S. (69%) spent between 30 minutes to three hours watching short online video content. Gen Z’s are also the largest consumers of short video content, spending two hours or more on video platforms, including Tiktok, Instagram Reels and Youtube.

In fact, according to a survey by The Soul Publishing, one of the largest independent digital studios, music videos (38%), comedy (36%), cooking or baking (33%), and DIY or crafting videos (29%) were the most frequently selected categories of short-form videos consumers are watching more of post pandemic. 

There has never been a better time than now for luxury brands to prioritise content marketing in order to resonate and connect with today’s consumer.

Make customer connection a priority 

During a global pandemic, the need for brands to demonstrate empathy, trust and safety to customers has never been more imperative and is one of the latest luxury marketing trends brands are making the most of. In an article by Forbes, brands that provide an emotional connection with customers outperform the sales of their competitors by 85%.

One way to implement the luxury marketing trend and make the most of a customer-centric strategy is to provide real-time assistance through live chat software, deploy 24×7 chatbots and create a comprehensive knowledge base to allow your customers to help themselves without requiring personal assistance. In fact, 63% of consumers reported that they are more likely to return to a website that offers real-time support, according to Statista. 

While acquiring new customers is crucial to the growth and success of your business, brands should not forget that there is potential for revenue in their existing customers. Intelligent follow-ups at the right times can have a very powerful impact on your prospective clients. Make sure to send a thank-you in an email after the sale, check in with your clients after the sale and find out how everything is going, and offer additional advice on how the customer’s problems can be resolved. 

Another way to keep your existing customers is to blend your luxury brand marketing strategies with innovative customer loyalty programs. It will help increase customer engagement, boost satisfaction and drive conversions.

The metaverse

The metaverse is a new and powerful way luxury brand marketers can connect with their customers. Usage of the luxury brand metaverse – a shared virtual space where avatars represent users – has more than doubled since 2017, with most of its growth occurring throughout the pandemic. In fact, the global crisis accelerated some of the cultural trends and behaviors that needed to be in place for a luxury brand metaverse to be created. 

Since quarantine and social distancing forced everyones lives online, the limitations of our current platforms started to become apparent. With this, today’s consumers are now seeing the value in a luxury brand metaverse far beyond anything we would have imagined. 

With global revenue potential predicted to reach $800m by 2024, various industries have begun to explore opportunities for growth into the metaverse for entertainment, shopping, socialising, and more. 

Millennials and Gen Z are avid users of metaverses, such as games like Fornite and technologies like VR. With that in mind, aim to create digital experiences that parallel real-world experiences or what your brand already does in real life. In fact, 3.2 billion hours were spent on Fornite in April 2020, making it essential for brands to be paying attention to games as such as they are capturing an ever-increasing amount of attention. 

As the pandemic has normalised paying for digital goods for a new wave of consumers, try offering virtual advertising by placing ads on virtual billboards within video games or offer branded installations and virtual events that users can interact with. It is also a place to offer limited-edition assets or virtual products that consumers can only obtain in the luxury brand metaverse.

This will be important for our future metaverse as they will require a sustainable business model, not just for brands, but to encourage user-created content on their platforms.Consumers have formed new expectations over the past year, requiring brands to find new ways to resume business to stay relevant and successful. Contact Relevance’s specialists for advice on any of the luxury marketing trends discussed and how to develop your digital marketing strategy post-COVID-19.