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Mental Health Apps & Websites To Use During The Coronavirus Outbreak

The COVID-19 outbreak has had a clear impact on the physical health of our population, but what about our mental health? As people practice social distancing and self-isolation, and some countries enter complete lockdown, it’s impossible to imagine how many plans have been cancelled, how many people are stuck at home feeling lonely, and how many are seriously concerned about the effects the virus could have on their health or on the world as we know it. If you are experiencing heightened anxiety, OCD flare-ups, or any other kind of drain on your mental wellbeing, know that you are not alone. Luckily, there are plenty of digital tools out there that can help you. Below, we cover the best mental health apps and websites to get us all through this difficult time. 

Best mental health apps


Price: £4.99

Available on: Apple

What does it do? Based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), this incredible app helps you to track your mood, activities, diet, thoughts, and social engagement. Offering over 200 different mood improvement suggestions, not to mention a journal feature where you can reflect on the day and track your thoughts, both positive and negative, MoodKit helps you to establish healthier thinking habits. It was developed by two clinical psychologists, meaning it comes from a very trusted source.


Price: Try and download for free, £9.99 monthly subscription or £49.99 annual subscription

Available on: Apple & AndroidWhat does it do? This app is designed to improve your happiness and decrease anxiety, all through the power of meditation. Offering tailored meditations that change daily, plus inspirational stories, exercises to train both mind and body, and sleep casts to help you rest, it has something for everyone. The idea is that by stepping back from busy day-to-day lives and taking just five minutes to ourselves, life becomes easier to navigate. Frequently touted as one of the best mental health apps on the market, Headspace is also currently offering a free collection, called Weathering the storm, to get its listeners through this difficult time.


Price: Try and download for free, $69.99 USD annual subscription (although currently offering 40% off, making it $41.99 USD)

Available on: Apple & Android

What does it do? Inspired by nature, Calm also offers numerous audio-offerings for every mood, from guided stretching to sleeping, music and meditation. The sessions draw on ideas from well-known meditation teachers, such as Jon Kabat-Zinn and Shinzen Young. You may feel like it is hard to connect with the outside world if you’re in self-isolation, but this app will inspire you to open to the window and listen to the birds or smell the flowers – things that sound simple but which can really help reduce anxiety.


Price: Free

Available on: Apple & Android

What does it do? Specifically designed to treat anxiety, this app uses scientifically-proven strategies based on CBT to tackle worry, panic, perfectionism, social anxiety and phobias. From the thought journal, which identifies and challenges anxiety-fuelled thinking, to quick relief including breathing exercises to help you calm down quickly, MindShift encourages you to take charge of your life. It is recommended by a number of professional bodies, making it one of the best mental health apps out there.


Price: Free

Available on: Apple & Android

What does it do? Coronavirus has seen us all instructed to wash our hands more often and for longer, but for some people with OCD, washing hands less frequently is part of their treatment. This has made the COVID-19 outbreak severely triggering for some. Thankfully there are apps such as nOCD which promote mindfulness and help people access clinically-supported guidance quickly in the face of an OCD attack. Users can also take weekly tests to track their OCD, and get instant motivational support.

Best mental health websites

The Mental Health Foundation has been running for more than 70 years and works towards achieving good mental health for all. Informed by rigorous research and studies, its website hosts a bounty of resources, not just on coronavirus but on every topic imaginable, making it one of the best mental health websites out there.

Rethink Mental Illness is a body that works to improve the lives of people affected by mental illness. Its fantastic website offers expert information, as well as links to a network of local groups and services, that you can use to help you get through the Coronavirus crisis.

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) website has a mood self-assessment section for those times when you aren’t sure how you are feeling, as well as frank and professional advice on dealing with every type of mental health issue, making it another contender for the best mental health website.

We hope these apps and websites help you get through these unpredictable times. Feel free to reach out to our Relevance team if you would like more information. Stay safe and positive.

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