Moz Top 10 – April

Another month Passes and the SEOmoz blog have a new trend up for discussion. This month we look at on page Optimisation and Google +. Matt Cutts from Google announced how they would be penalising people who have over optimised their websites. In this round up we can see how to avoid over optimising our sites and exactly what strategy we should be taking for the perfect on-page SEO.


How to stop over optimising and start creating for SEO.

Matt Cutts recently announced that Google would be cracking down on companies who over optimise their web pages. In this blog we explore what will happen if you over optimise your site and how you can avoid over optimisation and keep your site fresh.

6 changes every SEO should make before the over-optimisation penalty hits

This article goes through six very important steps, which you should make sure you are doing to avoid penalties from Google. From authentic titles to manipulating internal links.

What’s better- On-page SEO or Link-building?

An insight into your SEO strategy and how your budget should be spent. On page optimisation or link building? What percentage of the money should be spent on each of these? Would a 50/50 solution be best? Maybe not. This article takes you through different scenarios to explain the good and the bad of SEO and link building.

Perfecting On page optimisation for Ecommerce websites

New changes are happening in SEO all the time, here we look at what the most recent new additions to the SEO toolkit are and use them in relation to eCommerce websites.

How to improve your ranking with semantic keyword research

Semantic search on a search engine is technology that tries to figure out what users mean when they type in a certain word. In SEO you will have to identify the correct keywords based upon user intent in the real world.

How Authorship (and Google+) will change link building

Google’s relationship with links has changed over the last few years. What started off great has now gone down hill and the trust has gone, as people in the SEO community become aware of how to manipulate Google for links. This article explains how you could verify the author of a link, then it would be more trust worthy and Google would begin to trust once again. To verify the author the page would have to point to the authors Google+ profile page. Although it is early days with the concept of authorship, there are some very good points.


Negative SEO: Myths, Realities and Precautions

This blog looks at black hat SEO’s. How they can spam or take down your website by doing techniques that are now allowed. Buying cheap links from a directory is a main problem with black hat SEO’s. This blog looks in depth at the ethics behind SEO and how it should be performed.



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