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April Round Up- Google AdWords blog

GoogleAdwordslogoIn this months round up we learn just how much digital data there is in this world and this answer is truly shocking. Google make changes to exact match and phrase keyword search to benefit the advertiser and user. We look at controlling location targeting and what is now available to all Google AdWord users.

Google Ads now on Google+

Google+ launched last November and provided its users with a way to post updates and news about your business, have engaging conversations with customers and send tailored messages to specific groups of people.

Google ads will now be joining Google+ pages to provide users their advertising partners with the latest Google advertising product news, training, tips and hangouts that can help make the web work for you.

Building Display creatives for your audience.

If you are audience targeting, customising your ads for your audience can yield better performance. Here are the top tips for audience targeted creatives learned through the experience of hundreds of Google AdWords account teams.

  1. Make your ads a helpful step in the user experience.
  2. Be transparent.
  3. Tailor ads to your user.
  4. Landing page relevance
  5. Call to action
  6. Use all ad formats and sizes

Get Inspired with Think Quarterly’s creativity issue.

As the internet comes of age, technology is catching up with our wildest imaginations. The volume of digital information in the world is 800 exabytes. Digital information can mean words, videos, pictures or music. To put this into perspective of how much it is- The complete works of William Shakespeare is only five megabytes. It would take one billion pick up trucks packed full of books to make just one exabyte.

Display Campaign optimiser available to all

Google have announced that Display Campaign optimiser is exiting “beta” and available to all advertisers through AdWords. Previously it was only large advertisers with very high conversion volumes that could take advantage of this powerful tool.

More Clarity and control with location targeting improvements

Advanced location targeting was launched in March 2011 and provides you with more control over how you geographically target your ads. Based on advertiser feedback, Google are implementing four additional enhancements that will make location targeting options clearer and more powerful.

  1. Location targeting is now easier to understand
  2. Show ads to people in a physical location without exception
  3. Greater control over location targeting on the display network
  4. More easily avoid getting impressions for excluded areas.

Get local with AdWords

To help organise your local ad campaigns Google are introducing three new features in AdWords to help you create ads that are more relevant to local customers.

  1. Target customers by postal code- Google have introduced the ability to target more than 30,000 postal codes with your AdWords campaign.
  2. More locally relevant ads in less time- To help you easily create a custom ad title, text, display URL and or destination URL for all of your locations at scale. Google have developed location insertion for location extensions.
  3. Better Clarity and control.

New matching behaviour for phrase and exact match keywords

Phrase and exact match keywords will match close variants including misspellings, singular/plural forms, stemming, accents and abbreviations. The change is expected to happen in mid-May. Google said that at least 7% search queries are misspelled. Google believe this change will benefit users and advertisers.

Advanced sign-in security to protect your AdWords account

Google AdWords have a new security feature for your Google accounts. The feature is called 2-step verification. Similar to that used in online banking, it requires two independent factors; your password and a code obtained using your mobile phone. This new security feature should help deter from spamming and hacking of your Google accounts.

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