April Blog Roundup – Google Adwords

google-adwordsAnother month another insightful blog roundup of the workings of the Google Adword’s mind. Whilst some features are being retired others are being launched and improved and the rest of the world is finally being given the same benefits American users have enjoyed for so long, all in all a productive month for those behind the desks at Google Adwords.


Understanding the Average Position metric

A few insights into Google’s average position metric from their Chief Economist.

AdWords Position Preference feature is being retired

Adwords will be retiring position preference bidding feature in early May. Those using the feature are advised to disable this feature prior to May to avoid any unforeseen complications in transition.

Think with Google: Search Ads Affect Offline Sales Too

Time and time again online marketing leads to in-store purchases by customers. Highlights of effective marketing can lead to an increase in in-store sales, greater return on ad spend and collateral improvements in general sales. Understanding this effect goes a long way to preparing companies for their next campaign.

Ad Innovations launches in six new countries

Ad innovations is a Google site that allows you to try out new Adword marketing technologies. Previously available only in the USA it has now been released in the UK, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and Brazil.

More clarity in AdWords for advertisers affected by landing page policy

Adwords makes it easier to discover when you’ve have been effected by landing page or site policy problems.

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your AdWords Performance

pic_1      A few simple tips and tricks to improve your Adword ad’s performance –

  • Enable ad sitelinks
  • Optimise your ad text for longer headlines
  • Link a Google places account to a campaign to show location extensions
  • Get reviewed to show seller rating extensions
  • Link a Merchant Centre account to a campaign to show product extensions

Instant Previews for Ads

Since the success of’s ‘instant previews’ feature, that allows searchers to see a graphic preview of their search results and highlights the most relevant sections on the page. Google has now implemented this feature into Adwords allowing users to see the home page to the listed ads.

Smartphone User Study Shows Mobile Movement Under Way

Interesting figures suggest time spent making mobile ads could be well worth it.

  • 71% of smartphone users search because of an ad they’ve seen either online or offline
  • 82% of smartphone users notice mobile ads
  • 74% of smartphone shoppers make a purchase as a result of using their smartphones to help with shopping
  • 88% of those who look for local information on their smartphones take action within a day


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