A Month on and what Impact has the Panda Update had on the Web?

After making one of the most dramatic and significant updates in recent years how has the dust settled after Google’s Panda update in February a month on?

Like many this SEO company France has been curious to see the impact this change in Google’s algorithms could have to the online community. With the aim to filter out poor quality, useless or duplicated customer search results Google pointed the finger at ‘content farms’. Sites that produce written content quickly and cheaply and as many times as requested.

The World Wide Web has been well and truly shaken with all areas and topics being affected. Some pages have been pushed out of the organic search rankings altogether and many losing considerable ground. Google is quick however to assert that there is no discrimination on their part with a spokesperson commenting that due to this algorithm update even websites with predominantly high quality pages can be affected if they have a single poor quality one, thus causing the whole site to slip rankings.

Whilst there are losers there also has to be winners to this scenario and while some sites are struggling to recover others are starting to see the benefits with increases in organic searches.

So what can we take forward?

What is apparent is that Google has set the benchmark. Post valuable, interesting and relevant content consistently and to the right target audience and you will be rewarded. This is a relief to both the hardworking and diligent marketers as well as your individual web user.

If you have been affected adversely what can be done to turn things around?

Sit back and evaluate your site. Check for unnecessary content duplication and anything that offers a low information yield, remove these. Also avoid over cluttering your site with ads, it leaves less room for the relevant content. Continue in your aim to provide high quality, original material. Market and promote your content to attract high value links to other websites.

Jump on the social bandwagon; we know Google indexes social content so make it easy for your customers and yourself to share socially through Facebook, Twitter or even bookmarking.

Conclusion –

The Panda update is positive and this SEO company France is pleased by its results as we continue in our efforts to direct those searching the web to relevant and helpful results. This in turn increases our overall aim to boost our client’s traffic to action pages.

Relevance web marketing’s strategy has always been quality over quantity, with great effort being made to build high value links between businesses rather than unrelated low value ones bought. All content  and articles are thoroughly edited and written to the highest quality before being released.

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