6 Ways to Increase Your Landing Page Conversions

How does an increased landing page conversion of up 400%* sound? Thanks to some advice from our friends at Interactive Marketing we are pleased to reveal six strategies for getting more people to convert on your landing page.

Getting people to do what you want them to (be it fill in a form, call your office or make an on-line booking) after you spend time, effort and money getting them to your page in the first place is what Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is all about.

Conversion-Rate-Optimization-FunnelFor any given website users who ‘land’ on that page will generally behave in one of five main ways. A large percentage will undoubtedly ‘bounce’ and leave immediately, some will stay and browse, a smaller percentage will fall into the two categories of ‘waverers’  – or close calls, and a small percent will do what you want and convert. The challenge in optimising a web site lies in changing the shape of this traditional funnel. Widening the ‘snout’ of the funnel through altering and optimising what users are being presented with need not be complicated or even expensive. And, when done correctly, can lead to massive improvements.

Most companies would be wise to test, test and test again the following features of their landing pages:
•    Headlines – this is your chance to grab the attention
•    Call to Action – what are you asking users to do?
•    Copy – does the text make sense?
•    Images – these are can be very powerful
•    Graphics – does your page look professional?

increase-conversionsSo, having decided that your sales would not suffer from a 400% increase thanks to improved landing page conversions, how to go about getting them?  Here are six great, INEXPENSIVE ways:

1. IMPROVE YOUR HEADLINE: 80% of everyone who lands on your page will stay there long enough to read your headline. This must therefore grab their attention and make them want to read on.

2. BETTER CALL TO ACTION: What are you offering? Is it clear? Is it enticing? If there is a form to fill out or a deadline to beat, make sure your reader understands what they are being asked to do.

3.A LEAD THAT SAYS IT ALL: Landing pages usually only have one paragraph of text, or at least usually only one that will be read. Get the benefits of your business in there and make readers want to convert.

4. TO THE POINT BENEFITS: The use of strategic bullet points can be extremely useful. This is a chance to grab the attention of users who will not read any text. Clearly stated benefits and advantages here – can drive conversions up.

5. POWERFUL IMAGES: Images sell! There is no question the use of well considered images and optimised captions can vastly improve the chances of someone converting from your landing page.

6. BE PROFESSIONAL: Stanford University recently concluded that 46% of web sites lose out due to a lack of a professional look or ‘feel’. Hard to define, but if you get your site looking trustworthy you’ll soon see conversions rise.

So there you have it; a well thought through analysis and test of your landing pages may well lead to a few easily identifiable short-cuts to greater conversions and ultimately what we all strive for; increased sales.  CRO can work wonders for your business and being virtually free you’d be mad to miss out on this key step.

Relevance Web Marketing offer specific website packages for those seeking to achieve the professional touch to their websites.  Whether you’re creating a new website and require bespoke design, or are looking to make smaller updates, we can help.

Specialist websites types such as eCommerce websites need a different approach, not only because they use databases and other features which potentially impact their online performance, but also because of the competitive nature of the eCommerce industry in general. If you require a more complex website such as a graphic heavy or flash website, Relevance Web Marketing will provide you with the necessary techniques for search engine optimisation and other online marketing campaigns.

*Based on a recent study

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